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Sinclair Law Urges Dog Owners to Take Safety Precautions

Most Florida homeowners insurances will not allow purchase of dog bite coverage. Brad Sinclair urges people of all ages to actively avoid a dog bite.


Melbourne, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2014 -- Roughly 4.5 million people a year suffer from a dog bite. Obviously, not all of the victims are in Florida alone, but that’s quite a chunk of the population. Brad Sinclair, a personal injury attorney in Brevard County, is a staunch advocate of Floridians understanding their rights should a canine bite occur.

“It’s important to know that it’s nearly impossible for dog owners to insure themselves against a dog bite,” Sinclair advises. “This means that the chance of recovery in terms of monetary compensation for victims is very, very small. This is why it’s important to learn how to avoid a dog bite in the first place, as it’s unlikely to get compensation for medical expenses.”

The first piece of advice is to avoid pit bulls. This breed was responsible for more than half of all fatal dog attacks from 2006 until 2009. The second most aggressive dog is a Rottweiler. However, any dog can become aggressive if it is treated improperly or not socialized correctly. A dog that is growling, snarling, lunging, showing sharp teeth, barking in a guttural, threatening way, or appearing still and rigid should not be approached.

When visiting a house that has a dog, it’s advisable to ensure that the dog is constrained if it is outside. Constraining is not equal to chaining, it is important to add – in fact, chained dogs tend to be more dangerous than entirely loose dogs. It’s also important to know if the owners regularly exercise their dogs, as dogs with a lot of pent up energy are more likely to be aggressive.

“Of course, the majority of dogs that are raised around humans and trained properly are not aggressive,” Sinclair concludes. “However, I remain an active advocate for dog bite awareness.”

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