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Singapore Diesel Generator Features Big in Power Solutions

Offshore and marine gensets play critical role in providing both auxiliary and main power


Tuas Loop, Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2013 -- Power represents and assumes diverse forms and carries a whole lot of different connotations to various persons, situations, and contexts. In sociology and politics power signifies the ability to influence the behavior of people. Put in other words it simply is the force that will make others follow the dictates or the will of the one who exercises or wields it. Other than in politics the most commonly mentioned context where power is mentioned concerns electrical power sector. Electrical power is the power that is most talked about these days wherever industrialization or development are topics of discussion.

Electricity or electrical power can rightly be described as the fuel of the engine that drives the economy of a nation. Power is so precious in a development hungry world that power security has assumed as much importance in all countries’ agenda as food or water security. Power is a scarce commodity on account of the demand it has generated for survival that nations, organizations, and even independent entities are frantically searching for new and alternative sources of power that would bridge the wide chasm between demand and supply. Power generation has evolved over the years with the most popular being hydel power on account of the cost factor, followed by thermal, and nuclear power generation. All these have grave environmental and other handicaps which a world that is deeply concerned about depletion of natural resources and damage to nature is keenly monitoring.

Other than power stations that cater to huge demand, there are devices that produce electricity for specific consumers and for specialized needs. The Singapore diesel generator is a combination of a diesel engine with an electric generator that produces electricity and is generally used as a standby power source in case the main source fails. Now there are sophisticated diesel gensets with cutting edge technology and matching software that will do complex calculations by simply getting the parameters and site conditions fed into it. Diesel gensets are widely use in ships and other sea going vessels not only as an auxiliary power source but also for propulsion. Diesel generators are a regular feature in hospitals, hotels, and a variety of critical utilities where power failure can cause incalculable loss, even of life.

Singapore is a nation state that is on the threshold of becoming an Asian super power by virtue of its industrial progress. Power requirement of the state is in tandem with its stature as an industrial giant. In Singapore, diesel generators provide not only secondary power source but offer primary supply in situations and sites where a connection is not feasible. East Asia Power is a leader in the manufacture of Offshore and marine generators and has a proven track record of over a dozen years in providing integrated offshore and marine power solutions to projects, from its drawing board stage to inception.

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