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Singapore Joins Other Cities as One of the Best Cities in the World


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2016 -- Within the Southeast Asian nations, there are a lot of great cities. But the roaring front liner that is Singapore has left many of its competitors in the dust. The race to becoming the greatest city in the world has begun, and Singapore is aptly representing its Southeast Asian roots.

This island city-state only became independent in 1965, and things didn't look so great for this then infantile country. Its small land area and poor infrastructure was very unattractive. What's more, there was a lack of motivation to become anything more as the people who populated the tiny island were immigrants who had just recently entered the land. Lee Kuan Yew, the country's first prime minister, changed all that with his revolutionary ideas and intelligent innovations. But what exactly did the man do to turn this sad excuse for a city into the thriving, urban metropolis that it is today?

Singapore might not have had much to begin with, but this city-state had one thing going for it before it developed anything else – its strategic location. Singapore is located at the heart of the Southeast Asian nations, making it an ideal place for many investors seeking to dominate the area. Located at the mouth of the Malacca Strait, Singapore is passed by 40% of the world's maritime trade making it an excellent destination.

Another thing that Lee Kuan Yew did to assist this then derelict city-state to become the thriving metropolis it is today is to foster foreign trade and investment. Lee invited multinationals into the country, and encouraged expansion and development with client-centred ideals and principles. The government is relatively small, making it efficient in many of its functions. This makes it easier to oversee operations and maintain business at the highest level of efficiency.

These days, Singapore has become an ideal location for many foreign investors to set-up camp and establish their headquarters. This is because current political entities have maintained Lee Kuan Yew's original principles. This city-state offers a large pool of talents and workers ideal to strengthen the workforce of any company, big or small. These employees are also frequently multilingual, making it easy for foreigners to get ideas across without messages getting mixed up along the way. By keeping taxes low, fostering the growth of foreign investors, and giving international brands and businesses the same benefits as local companies, Singapore has topped the ranks as the best place for all kinds of enterprises to call home.

Life on the streets of Singapore is also reflective of the many advancements and innovations that occur at higher offices. Here, residents can enjoy a laid back daytime atmosphere and an energetic nightlife guaranteed to keep every waking hour an event in its own right. While cost of living might not be all that affordable, Singapore makes up for it by offering countless benefits to its loyal residents, such as easily accessibly medical services, low crime rate, and few health risks.

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