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Singapore Laundry Offers Free Pickup & Delivery Service

Many people want to find the best laundry service company in Singapore. Most of them don't have enough time to take care of their clothes because they are busy with their daily activities.


Singapore, Asia -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2014 -- Singapore Laundry offers its laundry service for all people living in Singapore. This company offers a lot of benefits for all customers. It is a reliable company that has good reputation in this country. It is a professional laundry service operating in Singapore. This company is suitable for all customers who want to take care of their clothes without spending a lot of their time. Here are some advantages that are offered by this company.

1. High quality laundry service
Singapore Laundry is believed to be one of the best laundry service companies in Singapore. It can provide the best laundry service for all customers in this country. Its laundry service is very popular because it can clean all types of clothes effectively. This company has some professional workers. They are well-trained to provide the best laundry service for all customers. It can give instant result for all people who want to clean their clothes quickly. There is no complicated procedure that people have to do when cleaning their clothes with this service.

2. Professional dry cleaning
This company is very well-known for its dry cleaning service. This service is very useful to protect all expensive materials. It has proper dry cleaning method for reducing the shrinkage effectively. Dry cleaning is also good to reduce color fading in most materials. Therefore, many customers want to use this service for cleaning their expensive clothes. Most of them usually want to protect their expensive clothes by using this dry cleaning method. When people want to maintain the quality of their clothes, they want to use this dry cleaning method.

3. Pickup and delivery service
Customer satisfaction is the most important thing that is offered by this company. It is committed to provide the best service for all customers. It has free pickup and delivery service for all customers. Therefore, many people are interested to hire this company for cleaning their clothes. They don't have to spend their time in delivering their clothes to this company. It has some professional workers who are responsible to pickup and delivery these clothes to the clients' houses. These pickup and delivery services are provided by this company for free without any additional shipping costs.

4. Always available
This laundry service is available for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Therefore, many people are able to call this company at anytime they want. Therefore, this company is very suitable for all people who are in any emergency situations. Because of this availability, this company is believed to be one of the best laundry service companies in Singapore. This company has some friendly customer service agents who are ready to answer all questions from the customers. These agents are available for 24 hours a day. They have proper knowledge to help all customers find the right laundry package that is suitable for their needs.

5. Safe cleaning materials
A good laundry company usually uses proper cleaning agents that are safe for any types of materials. Singapore Laundry don't want to damage their clients' clothes. It has some cleaning materials that are safe for most clothes. Therefore, people don't have to worry about their clothes when using this service. This company has satisfaction guarantee that can make sure that all customers are happy with the result. People can maintain the quality of their clothes when they use laundry service from this company. When customers are not happy with the result, they are able to get their money back from this company easily.

About Singapore Laundry
Singapore Laundry is a perfect company that can provide the best laundry service for all people living in this country. There are many good reviews about this company on the Internet today. It has a great website at This website contains a lot of good information about laundry service and how to clean clothes safely. There are some useful tips that people can follow from this simple website. Call this company to get the best laundry rate today. This company also has special promotional rates and discounts that are offered for all Singaporean customers.

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