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Singapore Nightlife Is Incorporating Live Music as Nightclubs Add House Bands to Their Line-Up

Live bands are the new trend in Singapore’s trendy club scene in Clarke Quay.


Clarke Quay, Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2013 -- Singapore’s nightlife was voted the best in Asia by CNN's travel blog recently, topping other party cities in the region like Bangkok. The shape of this newly discovered party-center has changed dramatically in the last forty years due to a business friendly tax structure and soaring home values. Singapore has experienced an unprecedented economic and cultural metamorphosis under the watchful eye of its leaders, and has caught the attention and admiration of a new breed of adventurous world travellers and expatriates, eager to explore what South East Asia has to offer in the way of live entertainment.

Along with Singapore's economic boom has come a unique amalgamation of cultures, where East meets West in food, fashion, architecture, education, commerce, and of course, fun. 'People from America and Europe move here looking for opportunity;' said one local resident, 'Singapore is an exciting place to be.' With a population of less than seven million people, Singapore nightclubs are the popular destination for people to get together for drinks and dancing.

Lately, the new trend among nightclubs in this booming city-state is to sign their own house band. The reasons for this new demand in dance music are clear according to Glen Arturo, an expatriate club-goer in Singapore: 'I like DJ's a lot because they can achieve interesting sounds and beats, but I don't just want to dance to a DJ all the time. DJ's will always have a place here, but I think a lot of people also enjoy interacting with a live band.'

While some of the world's most famous DJ's play the island, they are facing new competition from live bands. Live music in Singapore is fast becoming a major attraction at several local nightclubs in the Clarke Quay region of the city where locals, ex-pats and tourists alike throng to enjoy scenic views, award-winning restaurants, bars and bistros, not to mention dancing and live music.

One of the newest additions to Singapore's nightlife was announced this week. The band Culture Shock, has just signed on as the house band at the iconic Pump Room, a club also known for being a premier microbrewery and bistro. What makes the musical group noteworthy is that its members are a fitting representation of the multiculturalism that defines much of Singapore. The group's seven members are professional musicians who hail from Canada, Singapore, Italy, Indonesia, Cuba, and Mauritius. They are comprised of two women and five men who joined together several years ago not only as a blend of nationalities, but to blend together and incorporate a kaleidoscope of musical styles: pop, reggae, Latin music, jazz, top 40, funk, etc.

This international group of musicians is headed by the vocalist Ezzat Wardi, a native of Singapore, who has been in the industry for two decades. He like many of his fellow band members has performed all around the world. Backing him is an award-winning team of musicians and composers in their own right--Camila Bello, Paul Yates, Siska, Louis Baptiste, Mikele Bairava, and Micah Johnston, making Culture Shock one of the most well-rounded bands—ethnically and musically—to join the growing live music scene in Clarke Quay.

At this stage, only large clubs can afford the luxury of having the best live bands on their nightly roster, but as for the burgeoning music scene in Southeast Asia, diverse groups like this one may be a sign of things to come given that music has been the primary way throughout history to share one's cultural and artistic influence with others. ‘Singapore nightlife is about enjoying new people, original music, and good food', said one smiling club-goer, 'this is the best place in the world to be right now.'

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The Pump Room has been in business since 2006 and is the top spot in Singapore for dining, drinking and dancing the night away. To learn more about their new house band, Culture Shock, please visit their website at

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