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Singapore Residents Search for Moneylenders on the


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2012 -- As a result of the global economic crisis, many households in Singapore are taking out loans in order to pay debts and bills. Even households who do not have good credit sometimes need access to personal loans in order to make ends meet.

Moreover, Singapore-based businesses often do not know where to turn in order to get loans to cover business-related costs and investments. As a result, many residents in Singapore are researching their options online, and there is one website that they have begun to consult regularly.

The website is called SGLoanBook, and it provides a directory of licensed money lenders in Singapore. By visiting this website, visitors will be able to search for lenders by region. Once borrowers have found nearby lenders, they can then get details on the exact location of the lender.

The creators of SGLoanBook developed the website with one goal in mind. “We wanted to make it simple for consumers and businesses to not only find licensed moneylenders throughout Singapore, but to also provide them with all of the information they would need to understand how these personal loans work,” explains a member of the SGLoan team.

In addition to an extensive collection of listings for moneylenders, the SGLoanBook website also features articles that provide guidance on topics related to personal finance in Singapore. These topics include an explanation of different kinds of loans available for businesses in Singapore as well as short-term loans for individuals. Other topics include the reasons why debt consolidation can be helpful for certain borrowers.

The SGLoanBook website also offers a loan enquiry form that can be filled out by potential borrowers. The information submitted through this form is passed on to SGLoanBook’s featured lenders, allowing borrowers to get the loan application process started as soon as possible.

By visiting the, potential borrowers can easily find the closest moneylenders so that they can start borrowing when it is convenient for them. Plus, they can read all about personal finance and loans in Singapore.

About SGLoanBook
SGLoanBook is a website that offers a detailed directory of licensed lenders in Singapore. This allows consumers and business owners to easily search for lenders according to their locations. Every listing includes the address of the lender and a map of the area. Visitors can also inform themselves about personal loans thanks to articles featured on the website.

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