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Singapore SEO Society Evaluates Press Release Agencies


Singapore, SG -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2014 -- Singapore SEO Society is providing ranking evaluation for press release distribution service providers in Singapore. This ranking would enable companies in need of press release distribution services to find the exact agency that fits their specific needs and requirements.

Press release agencies are constantly providing the latest news and information to readers online and offline. Each agency follows their own set of rules and procedures and it is this that differentiates and distinguishes the agencies from one another. As such, an independent authority to maintain objectivity must do the ranking process. employs a set of strict criteria when it comes to auditing press release distribution agencies. The first such criteria is to note the submission process of the press release – whether it is distributed via online means or otherwise.

The second criteria is whether the company utilises optimisation tools, such as search engine optimisation to help reach specific target audiences based on the press release’s content. The key factor when engaging in SEO is keyword density and ensuring that the content meets the keyword to text ratio.

A spokesperson from the society said: “Most press release agencies do engage in SEO tactics and tools before releasing the press releases to the public. However, most find it a challenge to stick to the keyword to text ratio. It is a delicate balance to fit into search engine’s algorithms that deem the press release worthy to be picked up on.”

How Singapore SEO Society brings all these factors together and analyse it before forming the ranking also includes the size of the agency’s distribution base and the frequency at which the press release is picked up by online notifications and feeds.

Singapore SEO Society is able to evaluate these press release distribution agencies and advise on new strategies to boost the rankings of their press releases online. By understanding the processes of each individual agency, the consultants at Singapore SEO Society then customise a solution that best fits the company profile.

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