Services Eligible for PIC Grants Now Available from Web-Designer


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- A Singapore web designer firm is helping businesses who are small and have a limited budget gain access to more affordable web design services with the help of the Singapore government’s Productivity and Innovations Credit (PIC) grant.

The introduction of this grant is to encourage small and medium-sized businesses to improve in productivity and innovation. It includes incentives, such as cash paybacks or tax deductions. However, to be eligible for the grant, companies must invest in selected areas of innovation and productivity. One such area is information technology (IT), which includes web design.

Web-Designer is among the selected service providers listed for the PIC grant scheme under Information Technology. This means that you can access web design services that are eligible for the PIC scheme from the Singapore web designer. Under the grant, these services are eligible for cash back refunds of up to 160%.

Eligible services from Web-Designer

Web-Designer is now offering services that are eligible for cash back refunds under the PIC grant. Some of the services available from the Singapore web designer are eligible for up to 160% cash backs. The services eligible under the PIC grant include web development, web design, customized accounting software, mobile app development and e-commerce.

How it works

To qualify for the PIC grant, there are several basic requirements for eligibility to be met. These are as follows below:
Be operating actively in Singapore
Have at least 3 local employees
Have spent at least $5000 on PIC eligible activities

According to the Singapore web designer firm, spending $10 000 on PIC eligible services entitles you to claim a $6000 cash payout. You can also receive up to $10 000 as a PIC bonus if you opt for the dollar for dollar cash payout. This means that you have the potential to receive as much as $16 000 as PIC bonus and still get access to some of the best web design services available in Singapore.

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