Singing Mermaid Artist Nearly Flooded Nhow Hotel Berlin While Filming Her Music Short Film Devil's Paradise

Miss Roche nearly lost her accessibility to visit one of Berlin’s most popular hotels at Berlins.


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- The Nhow Hotel in Berlin http://www.nhow-hotels.com/berlin/en/ nearly faced the Devil, or name it devil's paradise when Music/Fashion/Film Artist Ysan roche was visiting and filming her music short film in May 2012 behind its curtains.

Miss Roche nearly lost her accessibility to visit one of Berlin’s most popular hotels at Berlins wonderful Spree River due to her excessive

Music short film shoots in which she directs, acts and makes all final edits herself.

Her team was booking a suite for a week and received permission to film several sequences for her new project devil’s paradise“.

"We thought everything was just basic material,“ a manager explains, They had a Business Card and everything seemed very professional but then when the shoot took part fortunately our room maid entered the the room and saw Miss Roche swimming in a pool of water inside the shower while they were trying to fill it up to the ceiling. Two guys of her team had plastered tapes all over the doors of the pink designer glass shower, to hold off the water and it looked as scary as dangerous and probably was.“

Ysan later explained they wanted to build her a giant pink aquarium for a 4 second scene in which she would have been swimming and singing inside the water so it would have been necessary to have the shower filled u tot he ceiling. Unfortunatley water started to run out and flooded parts of the bathroom floor. The water pressure was just too much.

The scene had to be stopped while the artist mermaid was complaining: "They boycotted my art and I am deeply frustrated. I can’t work that way."

The staff also mentioned the bad smell that remained in the bathroom for days and they couldn’t rent out the suite.

A professional says, that it could have easily ended in a disaster. The pressure of the water inside a glass shower could have caused to break it and flood the entire suite, which would have ended in a huge damage worth hundred thousands of euros.

While the hotel manager was deeply concerned at the beginning, she finally had changed her mind when she watched the final short film.

"We will be happy to welcome Miss Roche to our hotel again. But we probably won’t let her shoot any mermaid short films again.“

Here you can watch the Final Version of Ysan Roche's video.

The glass shower scene unfortunatley had to be skipped completely.


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