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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2014 -- According to statistics released from recent research, adults or children who take singing or keyboard lessons have been shown to have a higher IQ level than those who do not. Experts point to several reasons for this, including music lessons helping individuals develop mathematics and memorization skills. They are said to further advance focus and increase pattern recognition. Voice lessons in children are said to also be a great way to give children the foundation they need to be successful in their education. The problem, according to Kelly Willis, owner of the online review site Singing With Kelly Willis, is that singing lessons for newcomers or even the experienced singer can be an intimidating task. It’s common for people to give up on the hobby before they ever even begin due to feelings of self-doubt, negative feedback from peers, and cost.

Costs associated with personal coached singing lessons can range from $20-$35 for a 30 minute session in a number of areas. When reaching a professional level of singing educators, however, the rates may go as high as $200 or even more for an hour of session, depending on their reputation and level of expertise. On top of these charges, music schools and trained singing teachers may charge as much as $30 for a consult to determine the student’s potential and current vocal register, although some offer a no charge initial meeting. Students may also spend upwards of $150 for sheet music educational books.

With this in mind, a growing trend in the industry is online singing lessons. Says Willis, "With the right instruction, there's no doubt a person can improve their singing ability. Whether you’re truly a novice or have a good bit of experience, you can still drastically improve the voice. The great thing about online lessons is that there is no rush or pressure involved. How fast or slow you want to proceed is all up to you."

An option for web-based singing lessons consumers can consider is Skype or chat program lessons. Willis explains, saying, "Another option some individuals choose is online lessons through Skype or another type of video chat system. The plus sides of this is that your singing instructor could be anywhere in the US, and often will cost less on an hourly basis than a local teacher would be." She does warn, however, the quality of the software can often be an issue.

The site launched by Kelly Willis gives students all the information they need to research their options. Explains Willis, "Online singing lessons have a number of benefits for the person who either can't afford traditional lessons or simply wants to learn at their own pace. Through my website, I give them the information to make the best possible choice when it comes to picking a system."

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