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Single Dose Detergent Packaging Market - New Investments Expected to Boost the Demand by 2025

Single Dose Detergent Packaging Market is expected to witness growth opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers of detergent packaging solutions


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2018 -- Single-dose detergent packs are single-use packs and are considered as the latest innovation in laundry detergents industry. Their uses are stimulated by several factors broadly underpinning the convenience of consumers, especially for apartment dwellers at laundromats. The preference of single-dose laundry packets over multiple-dose ones is driven by the convenience of pre-assigned proper dosage for normal-size loads. Apartment dwellers do not need carry large detergent packs to the local laundromat and the packs can be handled with dry hand. In addition, these detergents are strictly recommended to be directly put on the washing machine drum rather than in dispensers, so as not to damage the machine or the clothes.

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However, the adoption of single-dose detergent packaging has several caveats, hindering their widespread adoption among families and apartment-dwellers. The foremost concern lies in the safety of the single-use packs. The bright and vibrant colors may be mistaken as eatable by children who can swallow them, which can lead to serious consequences. According to American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC), in recent years, many children of age five or younger when exposed to single-dose detergent packs have reported medical problems. For instance, many children who accidently swallowed the detergents fell ill or needed hospitalization.

The precise cause hasn't been clinically confirmed so far and medical experts are trying to reach a conclusion. Another constraining factor inhibiting the adoption of single-use dose detergent packaging can be the lack of superior cleaning performance. Be that as it may, prominent detergent manufacturers are introducing design advancements in the containers to keep the packs largely inaccessible for children. The availability of single dose detergent in pods has been a favorable development in this regard.

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Single dose detergent packs have emerged as a dynamic innovation in the detergent and laundry industry, aimed at targeting apartment dwellers and consumer class with low disposable income. Single dose detergents are heavily consumed by apartment dwellers for clothes washed at local Laundromat and have led to design and technological developments in the single dose detergent packaging market. The single dose detergent packaging market is characterized by consistent design innovations fulfilling packaging and delivery systems for packing detergent quantity required for one time washing. With changing lifestyle and demand for higher convenience in product offerings, the global single dose detergent packaging market is expected to witness growth opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers of detergent packaging solutions.