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Single Member LLC Formation and Liability Protection Package Is Now Available from the LLC Expert


Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2013 -- The LLC Expert, an online company specializing in providing limited liability company formation services, has just launched a brand new product specifically designed for the solo entrepreneur desiring to form a limited liability company: The Single Member LLC Formation and Liability Protection Package.

The timing of the new product is perfect. The Internet and other technologies have significantly reduced the cost to launch a business, which in turn has made entrepreneurship accessible to almost anyone who has the commitment to be an entrepreneur. More individuals are forming their own businesses to gain more financial security, more control over their time or just to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

Most business owners form an LLC legal entity to get protection from being personally liable for business debts, lawsuits and obligations. Amyli McDaniel, Founder of The LLC Expert explains, “Compared to an owner of a multi-member LLC, the single member LLC owner is at more risk for losing his or her personal liability protection. The owner of a single member LLC must do certain things properly to minimize the risk of being held personally liable for business liability.

“Our new package forms the LLC, sets the LLC up with a single member management structure and gives customers what they need to know to control this elevated risk,” McDaniel added.

With the launch of its new Single Member LLC Formation and Protection Package, solo business owners get a very specific and in-depth LLC formation and education package that is custom-tailored for the single member LLC.

“Our new single member LLC service package provides not only the fastest LLC formation available for the price, but it also sets up the customer’s LLC with a single member management structure,” McDaniel explained.

“Single member LLC businesses do not require the extensive governance structures of multi-owned LLC businesses. Our customers receive a customized single member LLC operating agreement that provides them with exactly what they need: nothing less and nothing more.”

This new product goes beyond the one-size-fits-all formation services available on the market. It provides the single member LLC owner with attorney written books and a video presentation which together educate him or her about the necessary steps and requirements for properly running a single member specific LLC to best ensure against the elevated risk that a single member has when it comes to limited liability protection.

For more details about The Single Member LLC Formation and Liability Protection Package, visit: http://www.TheLLCExpert.com/singlememberllcformation.htm

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