Single Mom Aims to Change How We Talk About Divorce

A single mom's new venture offers no-nonsense, impartial information to anyone considering a personal breakup or divorce. Tune into Plan for Divorce Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m. Pacific time on VoiceAmerica and download the companion piece, a "sharpen your pencils" guide to educating yourself... and planning for your own best outcomes.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2023 -- We've all seen the wedding planning guides: the flowers! The cakes! The gowns! It's easy to get swept away in the romance and glamour.

By contrast, no one PLANS to get divorced... it's bad manners to even suggest it! But here in the United States, we know that 50-60% of marriages end... and the percentage is even higher for second- and third- marriages.

Brooke Benson, a Certified Divorce Lending Professional and single mom, hears her clients' breakup stories every day. "Where do I start?" "How will I get by on just my income?" "How can I make this be over?" are frequent questions.

Combining her clients' experiences with advice from professionals on her VoiceAmerica show, Plan for Divorce, Brooke has created a workbook by the same name.

Workbook users form goals, learn about child custody, make an inventory of assets, list debts and who owns them, prepare for mediation, and follow an emergency checklist if abuse is present in the home. The user empowers him or herself by thinking through scenarios for both during and post-split, based on prompts Brooke has provided.

The workbook even includes some adult coloring pages, a breakup playlist, and screenshots of funny breakup memes to set the mood. "This is the information I wish I'd had when I got divorced," Benson said. "My basic philosophy is 'let's make lemons into lemonade.'"

Plan for Divorce airs Wednesdays at 12:00 noon Pacific time on VoiceAmerica. To download a workbook ($25), go to www.planfordivorce.org.

About Brooke Benson
Brooke Benson is a Certified Divorce Lending Specialist (CDLP) and mortgage loan originator. A graduate of Vanderbilt University (BA) and The University of Texas (MA), she has raised five children. Get to know Brooke at www.brookebensonlender.com.

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