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Single Mom With Cancer Successfully Fights Back With Juicing for Weight Loss 3 Day Juice Challenge


Summerville, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2012 -- Nature provides the best foods to heal the body, provide energy, and increase a sense of well being in an age where stress, depression, and sickness are prominent. Since very few people consume enough fruit and vegetables, raw juicing is a fantastic way to make sure that individuals gain maximum nutritional value from the foods they consume.

People looking to improve their health and well being are turning to Healthy Lifestyle & Spirit’s 3 Day Juice Challenge. Juicing for beginners has never been easier with this 72-hour program designed to help participants achieve the best health possible. For the next few days, Healthy Lifestyle & Spirit is also offering massive discounts—25% off of the challenge—when participants sign up.

Yoga Instructor, Health Nut, and Single Mom of two, Sharla Patrick, created this challenge as a way to get a jump on health in just three days. Those joining the 3 Day Juice Challenge can expect a 3 Day Juice Challenge report, detoxifying/cleansing technique report, a Tracking and Goals sheet, a collection of 21 recipes, and two videos per day which include simple yoga sequences for morning and evening. Additionally, Sharla Patrick is readily available to provide support through email.

The yoga videos get the blood flowing in the morning and settle the body at night. Additionally, there is a bonus offered—a free 45 minute guided deep relaxation audio designed to help participants de-stress, unwind, and fully relax.

Additionally, the website explains that juicing for weight loss is a simple alternative to surgery and diets since “juicing allows you to consume a large amount of vegetables without sitting at the dinner table for hours eating the same amount you can just drink in a glass.”

With delicious recipes such as the Green Monkey—a drink fusing pineapple, banana, spinach, apple, celery, and lemon—beginners will find that juicing can get very addicting.

Healthy Lifestyle & Spirit encourages their participants to find juice blends that they enjoy with the endless combinations possible.

With drinks as delicious as these, Sharla Patrick has been cancer free for over 5 years as she continues to juice all year long. She knows juicing is a large part of what keeps her immune system in pristine condition.

The 3 Day Juice Challenge’s success makes Healthy Lifestyles & Spirit no stranger to positive reviews.

“I was intimidated to juice, but, thanks to your coaching, I juice all the time now. I’m addicted to it…juicing gives me so much energy and makes me feel amazing,” writes Kim Melia in her review.

About Healthy Lifestyle & Spirit
Healthy Lifestyle & Spirit is made up of a mother and daughter team that is passionate about bringing peoples’ health to the highest possible place. They have been consulting in the health world for over 10 years and encourage everyone to live the best life possible. For more information, please visit: http://healthylifestyleandspirit.com/juicing-for-weight-loss-3-day-challenge/