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Single Mother Made over $100,000 by Removing Google Search Results


Mobile, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2016 -- Just outside of Atlanta in a busy subdivision is a busy mom and wife of almost ten years now. These days she has plenty of things to focus on besides household activities with the children. Jenny is focused on her growing real estate business after finally removing some unwanted search results that displayed when potential clients Googled her name. A couple of times she was even told that a potential lead was turned away when searching for Jenny's name online regarding real estate listings. The inquisitive home buyer would do some research and find some unfavorable results. There was an intoxicated driving charge from her college days and it happened to pop up whenever someone searched for her first and unique last name. "I have one of those names that I know is pretty unique, which used to be very unfortunate in my situation," Jenny mentioned, as if having to explain this story many times by now.

She was a year into growing her real estate business when a friend had mentioned the importance of fixing her online reputation. Although Jenny knew it could be an issue she never really made it a priority to improve or repair her identity online. She contacted a company that specialized in online reputation restoration and other SEO services. They rolled out new and unique content and started networking with other businesses and professionals in the industry. Within a few months Jenny saw the negative articles and web pages start to push back onto the third and fourth pages of Google. The phone started to ring more than it had before. Was this issue finally resolved for her? Or was it something else that helped pick things up? After all, she knew how much time and energy the SEO company had put into repairing her reputation online. Revenue increased by 137% and she proudly net in additional $113,000 in profit compared to the prior twelve months.

It appears she isn't the only one benefiting. Clients from all over have been phoning the internet marketing company up in recent months regarding burying records and bad information tarnishing reputations. Making it harder for them to find clients and please potential clients after they Google their name seems to be the common goal. And the issue is growing. Companies like Traffic Source SEO are strengthening fighting back with vengeance.

Search Engine Optimization is a form of marketing that focuses on influencing Google's search results page (SERP) into more favorable results. It takes a lot of focus and a real content developing and distribution strategy to really make a dent in the search results for a given keyword phrase. The amount of effort needed to outrank the competition (the other results that currently appear for that keyword phrase in Google's SERP) depends solely on how strong the competitor's websites are in the eyes of Google. Their backlink profile, social media signals, content development and distribution strategy, and on page SEO are just some of the factors influencing how you rank in search results. "Eight out of times I'll see warning signals as soon as I start checking on things," said the owner.

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