Single mom Teaches Single Mothers How to Apply for Grants


Ottawa, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2012 -- As a couple, raising a child can be difficult. However, raising that child as a single mother can be even more challenging. Along with the financial load of being a parent, single moms have to future-proof their careers in order to provide for their child as they move forward.

One of the best ways to future-proof a career is to go back to school. Many single moms dream of going back to school, but unfortunately, the financial burden of providing for a child while paying for tuition, textbooks, and housing can be too intimidating.

That’s why wants to help. At the website, visitors will find information about grants, tax relief, loans, and other financial tools single mothers can use to pay for school. Across America, there are thousands of grants for single mothers who want to go back to school.

These grants vary widely in terms of application requirements. Some grants require a commitment to community service, while others only require proof of financial need. There are a number of grants available from both federal and state governments, and single moms can also receive scholarships from various non-profit organizations.

For mothers who have been hesitant to return to school due to the financial burden it presents, seeks to provide the information needed to make an intelligent decision on applying for scholarships and other types of financial assistance. does more than just provide information about single mother grants. It also acts as a hub of information for everything from healthcare to parenting tips. Becoming a single mother can be an extremely difficult time in life, and wants to make every mother’s transition as seamless as possible.

Across the website, visitors will find information about dental and medical insurance for themselves and their child, as well as personal savings tips and an explanation of how to get a loan. Since single mothers are often dealing with heavy financial burdens during this time in their lives, seeks to educate women on how to best manage this responsibility.

Whether wanting to go back to school to complete a degree or seeking other information about financial assistance for single mothers, wants to be there when people need it most. The site seeks to provide the warmth, comfort, and down-to-earth advice that single moms need during one of the most trying periods of their lives.

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