Sino - Myanmar Gullu (Mwetaung) Nickel Project in Asia Warned by World Zomi Congress


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- The World Zomi Congress or WZC executive committee held a meeting on April 28, 2013. They strongly condemn the partnership between Myanmar’s quasi – military regime and communist China mining nickel deposits in Zogam. This place is currently known as Chin State of North – West Myanmar. This has been condemned due to the potential threat it could bring and how they took advantage of it forcefully.

There is a law that gives power to the Zomi which are the indigenous people of Zogam which is a Chin State. It is according to the 1947 Panglong Agreement 2, 5 and 7 that it gives power to the Zomi. This includes defense and foreign affairs of Zogam. The parliament of Myanmar has no power over it. This agreement gives them power to make themselves govern their state and look after their own internal and external affairs and not to be under Myanmar parliament. There is also a 2007 UN Declaration that is titled the Rights of Indigenous People. It states in the Article 25 – 27 that it re – affirms the rights of indigenous people of their land and they can use their land as they please.

With these agreements and laws, it make the indigenous people called the Zomi deny the Myanmar and China or even any other corporation to mine in their lands and export the nickel deposits in their lands and especially on Gullu Mual. This is in effect until and unless the Zomi can enjoy their democratic rights and has a say in the affairs directly and indirectly. This concerns their lands and its natural resources. If they are going to be taken advantage of this, it will be going against all the laws that we have made for the international community and that would really be unfair for the Zomi. We should be the ones to help them and protect them from exploitation and more. These two countries are in the wrong and we the international community should be the ones to teach them that what they are doing is a mistake and it might make the whole world get angry with them and get them be against the whole world in that matter. Let us make them understand the penalties of doing such injustice when the Zomi has the right to do what they want of their lands.

The World Zomi Congress then calls for everyone who is not in favor of this to help them for the immediate stopping of the Gullu Project. The Gullu Project exploits their natural resources of Zogam. Due to this, it exploits the Zomi indigenous people also. The World Zomi Congress will be zealous on fighting this great evil partnership. They will help the Zomi indigenous communities with the power of the international law with peaceful means. The World Zomi Congress also asks for the help of the people around the world so that they can safeguard the rights of the Zomi indigenous people of Myanmar. Let us protect them from religious persecution, economic exploitation and political exclusion.

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