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Sins of Peace - Nathaniel Szymkowicz Announces New Novel

Written by Nathaniel Szymkowicz, ‘The Sins of Peace’ is about to stake its place in Science Fiction literature’s history. Anticipated to be one of the hottest debut releases of the year, the trilogy and its world is expected to resonate with a wide readership around the world.


Bayville, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- For decades, science fiction has been a staple of the literary landscape. However, the genre is about to make a room for a new major player, Nathaniel Szymkowicz. While he may be a first-time and self-published author, his bold and vivid narratives are poised to place him alongside science fiction’s best sellers.

‘The Sins of Peace’ is the first act of a trilogy that will leave readers in awe, in a galactic spectacle where conflict is viewed like never before.


History is written by the victor, but is peace based on a lie? The year is 2585 in a galaxy ravaged by the most destructive war in history concluding five years ago.

Unrest is rampant in this diverse world as two soldiers of conflicting opinion and affiliation unravel the mystery of how the war was won... and the bleak, terrifying consequences of this answer.

As the author explains, readers can shun their stereotypes and prepare for a suspense-laden journey into the future.

“This is not a story with a straight good side and bad side. Instead it is a branching story of two people with similar backgrounds but conflicting ideas reacting to a single situation in their own way whilst fighting each other,” says Szymkowicz.

Continuing, “This work challenges the audience to pick who they think is the protagonist.”

While his writing is innovative and even experimental, Szymkowicz believes the world is ready for more thought-provoking fiction.

“With technology playing a bigger part in our lives, people have gotten very used to interactivity. This can successfully cross over into fiction and I believe my writing will encourage readers to dig deeper into the narrative and draw some of their own conclusions,” he adds.

‘The Sins of Peace’ is due for release on June 7th on Amazon.com.

For more information, visit: http://nateszymko.wix.com/

About Nathaniel Szymkowicz
Nathaniel Szymkowicz is simply put someone trying to find his place in the world. He currently studies history at SUNY Brockport with the goals of becoming a high school history teacher. He also takes up an active role in the campus’ Army ROTC program with the hopes of graduating as a second lieutenant in may of 2015.