Sintec Successfully Establishes in North America


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2014 -- Sintec have today announced their establishment into the North American engineering market. Sintec US LTD, the subsidiary company of Sintec UK LTD, have now established themselves into the North American mechanical and electrical installation industry and are now progressing through various new states.

Sintec installs power supplied systems for industrial and commercial purposes. The company has supplied services in the areas of security, communications and automated systems.

Since being founded in 2006 Sintec has collected an impressive resume of big named clients. Brands such as Renault, Audi and McLaren in automotive industry and Walgreens, Kroger and McLane in automated storage systems have all completed projects with highly satisfactory results.

A large selection of projects are available to all clients, covering a broad range of mechanical and electrical installations. Short term hourly contracts are available as well as the opportunity to have a longer project which cooperates with system manufacturers.

Operating simultaneously with Sintec UK, Sintec US provides a better service for American clients. By having home based representatives in Pennsylvania, rather than relying on the further distanced UK reps, clients can be reassured that help is available close by and their orders will be processed efficiently.

Whilst carrying out a project Sintec are committed to collaborate with the client at all stages of the project at hand. Working alongside the client continually allows Sintec to find the most appropriate solution for their business needs and to ensure that every specification is met.

The biggest asset to the Sintec operation is its employees. Each individual is a professionally qualified specialist with a large amount of experience in the field of engineering and mechanics. These professionals also have a proven track record of their ability to meet the requirements of clientele.

In addition to current employees, Sintec are also recruiting for new qualified professionals to join their team. North American tradesmen and engineering companies are invited to contact the company Director, Andrew Leiman, to discuss future business endeavours.

Sintec US LTD
Contact: Andrew Leiman, phone +1717 808 2228

UK Office
1 Lyric Square
W6 0NB

US Office
1705 Oregon Pike
PA 17601-4201