Sinus Doctor

Sinus Doctor Improves Shopping Experience with No-Cost Worldwide Shipping

Joe Johnson, the Internet's leading supplier of natural products, is pleased to announce flat-rate worldwide shipping for his flagship product Sinus Doctor.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2014 -- "We wanted to ensure that we made shopping with us simpler than going to the local store," says Joe Johnson, president of Sinus Doctor. "Sinus Doctor is excited to be able to offer our flagship product with no-cost shipping worldwide." Joe Johnson is a health products manufacturer specializing in all-natural sinusitis care.

"Since we launched Sinus Doctor in 2010 we now have thousands upon thousands of customers worldwide," says Joe's marketing manager Sam Gittens. "In order to continue to grow our brand awareness and customer base we decided it was important that we either offer free shipping worldwide."

"In order to offer competitive shipping we've had to make some changes," says Craig Thomas, manager of fulfillment for Joe Johnson. "We've streamlined processes as much as possible so we can have twice as many packs processed and out the door as this time last month. It has taken some time and planning, but with a great team we've achieved savings we can pass directly on to the consumer."

Joe Johnson points out that while there were savings found for large bottle packages of Sinus Doctor, the same cannot be said for the smaller bottle packages. "Unfortunately, for smaller bottle packages of Sinus Doctor we couldn't get the same efficiencies in fulfillment in order to pass cost-savings on to consumers by way of zero-rate shipping. We have, however, decided to offer a flat-rate worldwide shipping price for small bottles of only $5. We believe this is a fair compromise and complements the shipping available for larger packages."

Consumers interested in learning more about Sinus Doctor or the new worldwide shipping arrangements available from March 31 can visit for further information.