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Sinus Survival Now Offers Gold Memberships to Dr. Ivker's Solution for Eliminating Sinus Symptoms


Bethesda, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2013 -- Sinus Survival, a leader of Sinus congestion pressure relief, and sinus infection cures, now offers gold memberships to Dr. Ivker’s solution for eliminating sinus symptoms. Gold members will have exclusive access to 7 video integrative tutorial series, a step-by-step program guide, diet plan and self-education program. The Sinus Survival website provides education on how to be relieved of sinus symptoms such as recurring Sinusitis, congestion, headaches, mucus drainage, Inflammation and more.

Over 90% of people achieve a break-through to achieve a level of health they never thought possible. By joining Sinus Survival, members have been able to reduce dry sinus headache, sinus pain, sinus pressure, post-nasal drip. New members will learn the cause and figure out ways to manage them without these symptoms ruining their lives. They will also be able to treat recurring sinus infections, sinusitis and colds quickly, using natural methods. There is no need to use antibiotics to treat these symptoms. Eliminate the sinus sufferers cycle, to have a new outlook on life.

People who sign up to become a gold member will learn the 10 components to avoiding the cold/sinus infection cycle, they will be able to practice the new components they learn, daily, to prevent and eliminate their symptoms. The chronic sinusitis sufferer who is looking for a sinus infection cure, will find, at a minimum, great relief, and if they follow the program, can eliminate their chronic sinusitis. Sinus Symptoms gold membership provides techniques that will improve energy, reduce stress, create positive energy and heal the entire body. Members will be able to master their relationships and conquer new and exciting challenges.

About Sinus Survival offers proven breakthroughs for sinus sufferers. Whether it is chronic sinusitis, sinus congestion and pressure, sinus headaches or sinus infections, has a natural, healthy solution that will bring serious long-term relief. has been providing nasal sprays, essential oils, dietary supplements, nasal irrigation systems and air vitalizers for over 20 years.

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