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SIP Trunks Enable Cost Effective/Versatile UK Business Communication With Help from ANT Telecom


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2012 -- Hundreds of UK businesses are communicating more effectively and at a significant cost savings by switching to SIP trunks with the help of ANT Telecom. The systems integration solution company designs, implements and maintains communication infrastructure for medium to large businesses.

Businesses across the UK rely on flawless communication both internally and worldwide in order to serve their clients. While ISDN circuits have furthered the speed and capacity for many businesses (speech and data integration via the same lines), the cost and potentially unused capacity can be a definitive drawback for some. Many are taking advantage of SIP trunks as a cost-effective alternative to ISDN circuits with the help of ANT Telecom. “Although we provide business calls and line packages for analogue, ISDN2 and ISDN30 lines, we also provide SIP trunking, which may fit an individual company’s needs far better,” said an ANT Telecom specialist.

For over 25 years, ANT Telecom has helped companies to reduce costs and increase productivity through successful implementation of integrated communication systems.

The company provides everything from digital and IP telephony systems, contact centres, and mobility systems to asset tracking, VoIP, recording services and beyond. These and other solutions enable organisations to improve communications with their customers, suppliers and with each other. The result is higher revenue streams, improved service levels, faster response times and better security.

As part of their mission to tailor solutions to fit each customer, ANT Telecom has been working with a number of UK companies that are well suited for ANT SIP Trunking as opposed to the use of ISDN lines or other telephone infrastructure that the company provides. A SIP trunk is a logical connection between an IP PBX and a Service Provider’s application server that allows voice over IP traffic to be exchanged between the two.

At as little as £5 month per trunk, there are significant savings that can be made and many advantages of deploying SIP trunks. They can provide flexible numbering that can allow, for instance, a business to work from London on a Glasgow number. SIP trunks also support multi sites, provide free calls between IP sites and lower call costs to other destinations. In addition, they permit full business continuity models without Remote Call Forwarding charges, are scalable on a per-channel basis and can be utilized with existing customer equipment.

To learn more about the potential advantages of SIP trunking from ANT Telecom, please visit http://www.anttele.com/communication-sip-trunking.php

About ANT Telecom
ANT Telecom provides tailored, integrated solutions making UK business processes more efficient and improving productivity for a justifiable investment. Their services range from digital and IP telephony systems, contact centres and mobility systems to asset tracking, VoIP, recording technology and beyond. System integration solutions include design, implementation and maintenance of communication infrastructure for medium to large businesses.