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Sitacise: New Book Proves That Children Around the World Are Sitting on Answer to Obesity Epidemic.

Mark and Kathy Brown have a simple message to the world; anywhere you sit is a place to get fit. In fact, their ‘Sitacise’ concept has become so popular that the couple have now released a book that could provide the solution to America’s obesity crisis.


Cleveland, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/28/2012 -- Transitioning from slouch to slender conjures images of near-death gym workouts, six a.m. uphill runs and pumping iron until the muscles almost explode. However, one Ohio couple are now proving that getting fit doesn’t even require the trainee to get up out of their chair. Following booming popularity and a cult following, the couple today announce a new book centred on their ‘Sitacise’ concept.

‘Sitacise! Just Sit & Get Fit!’ is slowly changing the way the world works out and gets healthy. Boasting a myriad of exercises that can be done in someone’s favorite comfy chair, the concept is naturally proving extremely popular.

“The Sitacise book shows the 6 major diseases and the 6 major injuries idle sitting causes, and how to avoid them. It shows movements that can be performed anywhere and at any time, especially in a chair, seat or couch. The movements are easy and fun and the kids love them,” says Mark Brown, who boasts over forty years of personal training experience (including training a number of Olympic Gold Medallists).

He continues, “They do them while they are in class without having to go to gym class or recess. They do them during the course of the day even when they are at home on their computer, watching TV or just hanging out with friends. Most of all, Sitacise keeps them active.”

The Sitacise program is based on the concept of "Inactivity Physiology and the NEAT or Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis studies". Inactivity Physiology studies the effects of idle sitting on the body and its dangers. For example, sitting for just six accumulative hours in a day increases the risk of heart disease by over 54%. NEAT is the study of the way the body burns calories while doing other activities except exercise.

“We combined these studies along with our experience in other forms of fitness and exercise and created Sitacise. We made sure that Sitacise was easy on the joints and effective for muscle toning and fat burning,” Brown adds.

Aside from their new book, the couple has released a string of successful Sitacise-centric products. Ranging from exercises that can be performed at work to a DVD dedicated to seniors, the concept itself can be applied to people from all walks of life.

Around two million Americans each year die from preventable diseases, something the Browns are keen to change.

“Even if we work out for 1-2 hours per day but still idly sit, the risks are still there. This is so dangerous because most people don't even know it. Our population sits on average of 12 hours per day. We have children sitting in school, at home watching TV on the computer,” says Kathy Brown.

She adds, “The only way to change the statistics is to accept that people, due to the structure of modern day life, will spend extended hours sitting. What we have done is to then take this unchangeable facet and create a workout program around it. The result is that, even while sitting, people now have a great way to exercise, get fit and improve their life immeasurably.”

All Sitacise products are available for download to iPod, Kindle and a myriad of other tablets and devices.

For more information, and to take advantage of many select 50% discounts, please visit; http://www.sitacise.com

About the Authors: Mark & Kathy Brown
Mark & Kathy Brown are master & certified personal trainers respectively. They have trained with Olympic Gold Medalists, pro football & basketball players, pro boxers, & world class sprinters. They have created fitness program, written books & produced DVD's on fitness. They have led many fitness classes & have developed & work with youth fitness programs. They have been involved in fitness over a combined 73 years. They also lecture on fitness & exercise.