Site Helps Attractive Girls Find "Sugar Daddies" to Pay for College


Carrollton, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- Sugar Daddy Arrangements are becoming one of the alternative choices for college girls needing to pay their expensive tuition, and more and more women are turning to "sugar daddies" for financial assistance, claims Mike Williams, founder of "sugar daddy" dating Website., a dating site that helps facilitate what it calls "mutually beneficial" matches between sugar daddies (older dudes with that money) and sugar babies (young tenders with that honey) looking to be spoiled and pampered by their “sugar daddies”.

Ashley collazo has been struggling to earn her bachelor's degree for 4 years. With tuition for two courses at her California university demanding $2,200, it's not the workload that has her putting off the final class she needs to graduate in May. Money is tight.

The 21 years-old has worked as a server to make ends meet, but she says that dating the men she encounters on has proved to be a more lucrative endeavor. "I have had a hard time finding jobs and keeping jobs," she said. "I thought this would be a great way for me to have a relationship with someone and also make it, as these sites all say, mutually beneficial."

Ashley is just one of many students who have sought out sugar daddies online in a time of need. Dating site, which connects wealthy men with girls looking for financial support.

What's the draw?
Men who engage in such relationships, many of whom are older and lonely men, enjoy taking care of young girls and assuming a mentor role in their lives.

"You have some guys who like to spoil and pamper their women by taking them out to nice dinners, buying them gifts. Some maybe help with the utility bills or take them on trips," Ashley added. "And there are other guys that will have an ongoing relationship in which they will say, 'OK, I'll give you an allowance and you can put this toward whatever your needs are."

So what do these "sugar daddies" get in return for all their generosity? Surprisingly, sex is not a given. It's obviously on the table, says Cervantes, but there are other motivations. "Some of them just wanted to go out to eat," she said. "Some of them just wanted someone to talk to. Some of them just said outright".

Sex is not the only motivator for sugar daddies, according to Mike Williams the founder and CEO of Some also want to help a struggling young woman.

“Too often match making sites force their members into a one size fits all scenario. However the type of relationships that people need vary from person to person. That is where the uniqueness of comes into play. Unlike other sites, allows for younger women and older men to connect. Women seek certain connections in dating an older man, date a rich man, to have a mentor in life and business. Yes, in some part you could say a Sugar Daddy, however the relationship can be beyond those terms.”, says Ashley collazo, user of "sugar daddy" dating Website:

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