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DudeLOL contains a large amount of funny pictures. They are known for making people "lol" for hours on end.


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2012 -- has increased in popularity as more and more people are visiting the site to laugh out loud. They offer nothing but pure Internet humor at its finest. People have been sharing pictures from this site on sites such as Reddit and 9gag and it has captured a great deal of attention recently.

At the top of the website, individuals will have the option to click on “trending” “month” and “new.” When the user clicks on “trending,” they will find the most popular funny pictures. When the user views a picture, they will have an option to comment on it and sometimes, people just can’t help themselves but to comment on a picture, because it is so funny.

Funny is exactly what focuses on. Everyone needs a little bit of funniness in their life each day and DudeLoL is able to provide that. Some of the headlines include “I See What You Did There,” “friendzone,” “cool story bro,” “Don’t Mess with People’s Food,” “Breaking Bad Memes,” “Only Vegas” and much more.

When an individual feels as if they need a good life, because their day is not going so well, viewing a picture on this site will do the trick. The site takes pride in providing their users with nothing but hilarious pictures. If the picture is not funny enough, then it is not going to make it on this site. If they feel that the picture is going to make people role on the floor laughing, then they post it to their site.

When a user likes a picture, they have the option to click the FaceBook integrated “like” button at the bottom of the picture. The picture will then post to their FaceBook, where all of their friends will have the opportunity to laugh out loud as well.

About DudeLol
DudeLoL is a site created for people who like to laugh by people who like to laugh. For questions or concerns, feel free to contact Benjamin Adams via email at or by phone at 9035171619. makes it easy for users to find stuff on the Internet.