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Sitting Down With Jac Vapour E Cig Owner to Discuss the Future of E Cigarettes


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2012 -- The e-cigarette industry is exploding in the UK right now, quickly becoming one of the fastest growing products in the country. This amazing phenomenon has spawned user review websites that help the purchaser differentiate between the various e cigarette companies across the globe. One such site, E Cig Click, does more than just publish reviews, but introduces the consumer to the people behind the products. Jonny Williams, the man behind the review and informational site recently sat down for an interview with Jac Vapour cigarette company owner Andy Logan, giving a face to the company so many have chosen for their alternative smoking habits.

Now that Jac Vapour products are available here in the UK, Williams questioned Jac Vapour owner Logan about what makes Jac Vapour brand so different from the many others in the marketplace. Logan replied, "We buy each item individually from different suppliers and package it into a kit ourselves that you can’t get anywhere else. Our packaging isn't as slick because of this, but, we believe, what’s inside works better than anything else."

Apparently consumers agree as sales for this brand of cigarette have skyrocketed. Says Logan, "I must have spent about £500 on kits, to discover the best one available at that time was only £40. So I got together a few partners and we formed JAC Vapour with the aim of providing the best quality, simple ecig we could find at a decent price."

Big news in the world of e-cigarettes has been the purchase of e cig giant BluCigs by traditional cigarette manufacturer, Lorillard. When questioned about his view on this, Logan replied, "It will put Blu in a very strong position within the industry and will undoubtedly see their marketing and retail presence grow with the backing of such a large company. If they plan on developing better e cigarette products and adhering to the principles that set the e cigarette industry apart from Tobacco and big pharma companies, then it’s a good thing, although with the tobacco industry’s track record, I’ll believe it when I see it."

The owner of Jac Vapour continued, expressing his opinions on future regulations he foresees for the UK. "I think there will almost certainly be a licence fee of some sort and I would hope it’s not prohibitive to smaller companies that have proven they are more sensitive to the needs and best interests of the public. I think there will also be regulations and controls to guarantee purity and safety, but again I hope these are done in a sensible fashion and not in a way that would hold back the innovation and progress of the industry."

Jac Vapour e cigarette company doesn't appear to be very worried about their future, as Logan says, "Consumers are pretty savvy these days, and can spot most of the rubbish some people attempt to sell. We are committed to providing what we believe is the best product available and our support is second to none."

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