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Six Pack Abs Blueprint Launches Program for Successful Weight Loss and Ab Definition

Six Pack Abs Blueprint Provides Diet And Exercise Program Techniques And Advice


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2013 -- Aside from effects on physical appearance and self image, research from the health care industry reveals those with increased belly fat are faced with a greatly increased risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, gall bladder issues, respiratory problems, osteoarthritis and a number of other health complications. While many Americans desire greater abdominal definition for simple vanity reasons, an increasing number of individuals are aspiring for this goal for the purpose of improving their health. In an effort to assist Americans, regardless of their reasons for seeking Six Pack Abs, Six Pack Abs Blueprint has launched their multiple phase program for successfully developing defined abdominal muscles.

Said Mark Stevens of Six Pack Abs Blueprint, "Anyone who has attempted to work on their abs knows the process takes a great deal of time and effort. Many of the programs available to the public claim they can produce mind blowing results in a matter of minutes each day, but those programs are riddled with flaws. Through our Six Pack Shortcuts Review, we have found this 4 phase program to be extremely effective."

According to the company's review of Six Pack Shortcuts, this program combines helpful advice with a number of proven methods to eliminate the shortcomings of other popular workout programs. Phase 1 of the Six Pack Shortcuts programs revolves around boosting metabolism. Through high intensity interval training techniques, the user begins to build muscle mass while burning fat as well. Phase 2 incorporates additional muscle building exercises.

Phase 3 includes higher level weight training for continued fat burning and increased muscle mass while helping the user to avoid the plateaus associated with most diet and exercise programs. Phase 4 helps rid the body of the last few pounds of unwanted belly fat and ensures maintenance of previous weight loss and muscle definition. This program requires approximately 45 minutes of work out time 5 days per week.

Concluded Stevens, "In addition to our review of the Six Pack Shortcuts program, our website offers advice on proper diet and refined exercise techniques to enhance efforts to successfully lose weight and build muscle. Experts agree appropriate nutrition is vital to weight loss and replacing fat with muscle; furthermore, one small mistake in exercise technique can hamper the muscle building process. Through our website, those interested in improving their fitness level will have access to tips for correctly performing the various exercises necessary for abdominal strength and definition."

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Six Pack Abs Blueprint is designed to provide instruction on achieving perfect looking abs. Their website includes information regarding workouts, diet plans and much more to obtain the look and level of health millions of Americans desire.