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Six-Time Land Speed Record Holder Valerie Thompson to Drive 200 Mph G. M. Racing Clean Diesel Dragster

Motorcycle racer returns to quarter-mile racing at Rocky Mountain Diesel Shootout on August 15th.


Clinton, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2014 -- Six-time motorcycle land speed record holder, Valerie Thompson, had high hopes to race a former Nationwide series car and her record setting BMW S 1000 RR motorcycle at the SCTA sanctioned Speedweek event last week, but the 100th anniversary of racing on the Salt Flats event was canceled due to extended rains, leaving over 500 competitors who had traveled from around the world with no place to race.

Fortunately for Thompson, she has been asked to drive Greg Hogue’s G. M. Racing Clean Diesel Dragster at the Diesel Motorsports Rocky Mountain Diesel Shootout on August 15 at Rocky Mountain Raceways in West Valley City Utah. The Shootout is a National Association of Diesel Motorsports (NADM) sanctioned drag race, America’s first diesel only drag racing series formed in 2007.

Hogue’s dragster is sponsored by Industrial Injection, the largest manufacture of diesel performance parts in Salt Lake City, and runs on clean synthetic diesel fuel made from natural gas manufactured by Syndiesel. Plus the dragster uses Champion Blue Flame Performance Diesel Motor Oil. The car generates 1500+ horsepower, enabling 200+ mph quarter mile speeds with 6-second elapsed times.

Hogue is a veteran NHRA competitor and a pioneer in diesel drag racing, the first to lobby the NHRA for diesel fuel approved drag racing. Hogue is also a 27-year veteran Lieutenant firefighter who recently suffered job related injuries, forcing him to relinquish driving duties of his dragster. Thompson will drive for rest of the season, schedule permitting.

“I’m very fortunate. As a motorcycle racing team owner, I was prepared to stay in Utah after Speedweek to minimize our expenses, since I plan to race my bike at the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials on August 23rd for 5 days. This opportunity to drive for Greg between races is very timely,” said Thompson. “Greg has been a top competitor in the NHRA for many years, plus he is a dedicated land speed racer. I’m looking forward to working with his accomplished team and getting back to my roots on the quarter-mile,” added Thompson.

“I was excited to find that Valerie was available to assume driving duties for our dragster. I have always been a fan of hers and her drag racing accomplishments. This team is my first attempt at being a car owner and it’s hard to hand over the wheel of my ‘200 mph baby’ to someone else. I feel comfortable with Valerie’s vast experience and dedication to winning races, “ added Hogue.

Hogue’s passion for environmentally friendly alternative fuels and their role in the future of motorsports are well known. “I believe the answer to our future energy needs is with plentiful and clean natural gas. Diesel fuel is made from natural gas, is extremely clean and stores more energy in every gallon,” stated Hogue.

Rocky Mountain Raceways is located at 6555 West 2100 South, West Valley City, Utah. The event is sponsored by Industrial Injection Diesel Performance and Champion Blue Flame Performance Diesel Motor Oil, with time trials at 4:30 p.m. and eliminations at 7 p.m. For details, call 801-252-9557 or visit

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Valerie Thompson Background: Valerie is a six-time land speed record holder and owner/driver of the Valerie Thompson Land Speed Racing Motorcycle Team who has also competed in the All Harley Drag Racing Association and National Hot Rod Association drag racing series. She set a personal best top speed of 212 mph on her CTEK sponsored BMW S 1000 RR during the March 2013 Texas Mile competition. Thompson is an official member of the BUB Speed Trials 201 MPH Club, Mojave Magnum 200 MPH Club, Texas Mile 200 MPH Club and ECTA 200 MPH Club.

About The National Association of Diesel Motorsports
The National Association of Diesel Motorsports was formed October 17, 2007. Directors and principals of the association are Ron Knoch and Gene Mohney. Diesel Motorsports promotes all diesel motorsports associations, clubs and events across the country while offering support in marketing, production, insurance and sanctioning fees.

The National Association of Diesel Motorsports is the only SFI Sanctioning body for diesel motorsports. Diesel Motorsports held over 60 events last year in every section of the country throughout the year featuring over 5 classes in drag racing and sled pulling.

Diesel motorsports encompasses all activities surrounding diesel engines in a variety of performance competition, including sled pulling, drag racing, land speed racing, dyno or mud bugging. Being a SFI approved sanctioning body gives creditability and safety guidelines to many different groups for their competitions.