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Six-Year-Old Granddaughter's Drawing Inspires New Children's Books


Brisbane, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2013 -- Australian author Ian Burns was looking for something on top of the fridge when he stumbled across a saved-by-his-wife drawing by Hannah, his Indian granddaughter adopted some years before by his daughter and son-in-law.

This charming picture crystallized a vague idea for a series of stories about a non-human character with very human qualities.

The outcome, so far, is 33 stories, humorous, sometimes messy, all with a gentle moral or caution. Click picture to visit web site.

The next step was to find an illustrator and, after much searching, Lauren Eldridge-Murray joined Ian in bringing the first two stories to life.

Lauren created a bunch of colorful characters, quirky, evocatively reflecting each aspect of a story.

The stories have interesting supporting characters, are beautifully illustrated with strong, simple colours, and surprise endings. There is no violence and the stories are easy for parents or teachers to read aloud to their children.

The story that began with a six-year old is now itself almost a six-year old story, with the first two books in bookshops (they are already available online and as eBooks), and can be previewed here .

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