Sixredsquares Takes Creative Route Through Global Recession Into Business Growth


Southend on Sea, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2013 -- UK businesses have been hit hard by the global recession, and it’s still a regular feature of the news to talk about struggling businesses going under. However, some small, nimbler companies have managed to avoid the pitfalls that have created closures in slower moving companies, and there is perhaps no better example than sixredsquares, a creative agency that has used its creativity not just to survive, but also to thrive amid the downturn.

The company’s success is largely due to their flexible skill-set, establishing a balanced creative team that can comfortably take on a wide variety of marketing activity, from web design and SEO to traditional print and advertising. They also specialise in logo and brand design.

They started out as a web design company offering web development, but quickly grew to take on more complex and ambitious campaigns.

“It’s about saying yes,” their spokesperson explained, “if a client comes to us with an ambitious request, we find a way we can do it, not reasons why we can’t. That kind of entrepreneurialism has really been the difference, and is something we look for when we bring new people into our team.”

Sixredsquares have an online portfolio of their previous work as well as a regularly updated blog which gives a distinct voice to their approach and philosophy with practical, real world examples. Their commitment to ‘business as character’ is something they describe within the process of their work, managing conceptualization, development, testing, delivery, management and growth.

Their spokesperson described the underlying logic that informed that entrepreneurial spirit, “It makes a simple sense that when people are keeping a tighter hold of their money that companies are going to have to work harder to make consumers or businesses part with it, so advertising has remained a stable basis for our industry. That said, it’s not about spending more money as it is about working smarter, and exploiting new angles more effectively. That’s what we specialise in, and it’s allowed us to keep learning and growing through this difficult economic period.”

About sixredsquares
At sixredsquares they believe that a creative agency should be full of creative people, working towards a unique outcome every time. It is their mission to understand clients’ businesses, providing solutions whilst creating a relationship with them, the brand and their customers. For more information, please visit: