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SJN Sales Arizona Reports Record Figures Through Results Based Pricing Strategy

SJN led the way in results-based service pricing and through pioneering the approach has seen record business figures in the first quarter.


Albuquerque, NM -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2014 -- SJN Sales is a distributed sales outsourcing firm serving the US market, and is experiencing record growth in the sector. After a 19% increase in inquiries, they are leading their field thanks to their unique business practices, which are now being duplicated by competitors across the country.

SJN's 90 day sales projects are sample-sized, performance-paid. This means that the company’s financial success hinges on the success of their campaigns on behalf of clients. It is clear from their record figures that their strategy has proven singularly successful.

Cloud Computing reported that the BPO (business process outsourcing) industry would reach over $97 billion by 2017, and SJN are gunning to command the majority of that market share in a way that simultaneously keeps them motivated to provide the top-performing service. They offer clients superior cost reduction, time management, and quality of service, while clients pay only for what they get.

In 2013, Fournaise Marketing Group published damning results, in which 78% of CEOs felt these programs did not provide the ROI value they were looking for. Datamark claimed that outcome-based pricing would become a trend in 2014, and SJN has operated in this way since the beginning, staying ahead of the curve and avoiding implication in FMG’s industry-wide view of dissatisfaction.

Deborah Taylor, spokesperson for SJN Sales, explained, “When you're ready to build out your client base beyond referrals, open a new geographic market, or simply control the costs associated with reaching new clients--SJN Sales can help. Our teams are familiar with the kind of niche markets businesses are increasingly looking to exploit through the new forms of direct marketing available, and can hit the ground running with a depth of knowledge on a wide range of industries. Because we are performance based, we are driven to get the best results for our clients, and by doing so reporting the strongest first quarter in our history. 2014 is going to be SJN’s year.”

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SJN Sales is an outsourcing firm specializing in performance based direct marketing, sales and promotions for business-to-business specialists around the world, helping to affordably and economically maximize the usefulness of a marketing budget in new or existing campaigns. For more information please visit: