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SJN Sales Celebrates Year of Aggressive Expansion with New Final Quarter Contracts and Great SJN Sales Reviews

SJN Sales will help businesses maximize their sales in the final quarter and finish the year with a bang, while at the same time setting new records for their own business success in outsourced sales.


Albuquerque, NM -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2014 -- Many businesses look at the final months of the year as a time to reflect, in order to strategically inform the growth to come in the New Year. Unfortunately this approach is only half right: while reflection is valuable, time spent looking inward loses prospects, vendors and potential customers. It is at times like these when companies may wish to use outsourced sales services to keep driving sales and relationships, allowing them to get the best of both worlds. SJN Sales offer just such a service, and after having a record year themselves, have devised a specialized stratagem for maximizing the benefit of the final quarter.

SJN sales teams will be able to keep in contact with prospects throughout the run up to the New Year, making contact around special occasions like Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Hannukah and Christmas to ensure prospects feel valued by their clients’ businesses, and at the same time building and developing a relationship that can lead to better sales revenue.

SJN Sales reviews are glowingly positive, with few if any legitimate SJN Sales complaints to speak off, as their diligent but respectful approach perfectly balances the forces required to impress vendors and prospects without coming across as pushy or over-eager.

Deborah Taylor, spokesperson for SJN Sales explained, “Our fall contracts will use a combination of data to maximize the lifetime customer value of existing clients while at the same time generating new leads from data mined in related fields. Our dedicated teams are equally well equipped to handle closing calls for vendors or prospects that might otherwise have been written off as lost opportunities. The holidays are absolutely for family, but by allowing us to keep one eye on business, we can put our clients in the perfect position to hit the ground running on January 4th with new meetings and prospects.”

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SJN Sales is a distributed company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and offers a full suite of services to technology and professional service companies that want to build revenue. Their services are performance based and utilize their existing relationships and old fashioned person-to-person sales methods to make sales for clients who want to raise revenue without raising head-count. For more information please visit: