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Skin Care Blog That Offers Daily Tips and Articles Was Recently Launched by Stacy Ball


Birmingham, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2012 -- Stacy Ball, a former pharmaceutical sales representative with 10 years of experience, recently launched a new blog devoted to educating her readers about skin care.

Ball, who spent seven of the 10 years working in dermatology, understands that people need the best information and advice about their skin. She also realizes that finding up-to-date information that is correct can be time consuming and difficult. So she started her skin care blog, SkinCarePearls.com, in order to give people a source for daily skin care tips, feature articles about popular skin care topics, and much more.

Stacy also offers her readers an email newsletter that features exclusive skin care information, contests, prizes, special offers and promotions. Visitors to the website may subscribe to the free newsletter by clicking on the “sign up now!” tab on the home page.

As it states at the top of the blog, SkinCarePearls.com offers its readers skin care-related pearls of wisdom. Stacy strives to post articles that are not only helpful and filled with educational tips and advice, but are also seasonal.

For example, two of her latest posts relate to the importance of sunscreen, and why it should be part of everyone’s skin care routine.

“You should use sunscreen every day because the skin aging and potentially skin cancer causing UVA rays are present during all daylight hours and throughout the winter months,” Stacy wrote, adding that according to Mary Radford, R.N., just 20 minutes of unprotected sun exposure accumulated over the course of the year is the equivalent of two straight weeks of sun damage.

In addition, Stacy noted, sunscreen definitely expires and will become less effective over time.

“In fact, high temperatures can cause sunscreen to become less reliable even before the expiration date printed on the bottle.”

To keep sunscreen as effective as possible, Stacy recommends storing it in a cooler during trips to the pool, lake or beach. As a bonus, the chilled lotion will feel refreshing when it is reapplied.

SkinCarePearls.com also offers an online skin consultation. The dermatologist recommended skin care tool was developed by dermatologists based on how they work with patients. Based on people’s answers, the tool will show them dermatologist-recommended skin care products that are tailored to their needs.

About SkinCarePearls.com
Stacy Ball is a 10-year pharmaceutical sales veteran, seven of which were in dermatology. She has recently launched a new blog on all things skin care, SkinCarePearls.com. The blog features daily skin care tips, feature articles on popular skin care topics, industry news, a dermatologist recommended skin care tool, and more. Ball is also an independent skin care consultant and can be contacted through her website by anyone interested in partnering with her in this business. For more information, please visit http://skincarepearls.com