Skin Lightener Products Review Site Raising the Eyebrows of the Skin Care Market


Salida, CA -- (SBWIRE) --06/14/2011 -- In response to the recent demand for subjective reviews of some of the most sought after skin lightening creams on the market, is announcing the release of its brand new website.

According to a recent study by Cosmopolitan Magazine, more and more people are struggling with the problem of facial discoloration. Environmental factors such as sun damage, dryness, and the stress of day to day living can cause otherwise youthful skin look to look old and patchy.

Whether it is blotchiness, discolorations, acne scars, or freckles, people are setting out in record numbers to find solutions to these common afflictions. The internet is usually the first place they turn, but they quickly discover that reputable websites are difficult to come by. It seems that every website they land on is trying to sell them something with pushy sales tactics and unrealistic promises.

Answering the need for real, unbiased reviews of some of the most popular skin lightener creams on the market, Skin Lightener Products boasts in-depth reviews without all the fluff and publicity so common to other review sites.

They review popular skin brightening creams such as Ambi Fade Cream, Clinique Derma White, Glyquin XM, and Revitol Skin Brightening Cream to name a few. According to the website: “Our panel of qualified and educated skin experts reviewed each product based on ingredients, claims made by the manufacturer, potential side effects, price and overall value, and most important actual results and customer satisfaction.”

In addition to their reviews they also provide informative articles that discuss the causes and solutions to some of the most common forms of skin discoloration. Articles such as “How to get rid of freckles,” “skin lightening pills” and “Natural skin lightening treatments” provide a wealth of information for those who want to be informed before choosing a treatment that addresses their specific condition.

Sarah Cogan, who uses the site regularly to combat her battle with freckles, comments: “What I like about this site is that there is no fluff. They tell you what a skin whitening product does, what’s in it, and why it is better or worse than the others. It also gives great tips that help me keep my complexion balanced, and since it is constantly updated with the latest news and findings, it is a website that I frequent often.”

So far the community’s reaction to the website has been overwhelmingly positive. More than providing reviews of some of the most popular products on the market; it gives people constructive advice to help them with all their skin discoloration needs. To learn more about Skin Lightener Products, please visit: