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When to know that your body’s first line of defense is in dangerGeneral purpose of the skin- the skin is the first line of defense which means it will protect the inside body.........


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2013 -- When to know that your body’s first line of defense is in dangerGeneral purpose of the skin- the skin is the first line of defense which means it will protect the inside body from the harmful microorganism that can potentially damage our health once it will penetrate the body. The skin will help the body to regulate the temperature because the body needs to maintain particular temperature for protection. The most important role of the skin is it allows the sensation of hot and cold as well as the sensation of touch. The skin has 3 layers and these are the following:

- Epidermis
- Dermis
- Hypodermis

Epidermis is the outer most layer of the skin which is thicker compared to the two layers. Melanocytes or melanin cells are located on the epidermis because they are the one producing the melanin which is a natural sun screen protection from the UV rays. The dermis layer is where the connective tissues are located which includes the sweat glands and hair follicles. Sweat glands are the ones that produces sweat to maintain the body temperature when the environment is humid or warm, it will provide ventilation to the whole body. The 3rd layer is primarily composed of fats and connective tissues. The fat serves as the insulation of the body from the cold environment as well as cushions the vital organs inside the body.

Skin conditions- there are a lot of skin problems which people should be aware of. You can take a look at the skin rash pictures online to know more about the different rash appearance that you might be getting when you are exposed to pollutants or have some underlying conditions. Most rashes are actually symptoms of some conditions such as skin asthma, allergies from certain foods (sea foods) and others are from insect bites. If the appearance of the skin rash is due to the above mentioned primary cause then you need to seek medical assistance because the skin rash will only be eradicated once the primary cause will be cured. Dermatitis is inflammation of the first layer of the skin which is very dangerous because this means that the integrity of the skin is compromised. First sign of this condition includes the dryness of the area, reddish and very itchy.

The best treatment- basically the treatment of some skin problems depends on the etiology of the condition. If you observe some flaky reddish and itchy part of the skin or some rashes on your skin that will develop into hives then you need to get in touch with you dermatologist. Antibacterial topical ointment will be given to an individual with dermatitis as a prophylactic medication so that there will be no other bacteria that will grow on the area. Cetirizine is the common oral medication that is given to individuals with allergies because this will lessen the itchiness and rash appearance on the skin.

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