Skin X Men's Skin Care Collection Provides Tips for Shaving with Skin X Smooth

Skin X Men’s Skin Care Collection has designed a new range of men’s grooming products for the man who won’t put just anything on his skin. Men’s skin is different from women, which is why Skin X created a dedicated skin care line that is both revitalizing and refreshing. Skin X has also launched a website where customers can purchase products and become educated on the recommended grooming regimen.


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2015 -- Men across the globe agree that good grooming reflects confidence, attractiveness, professionalism, and overall health. Grooming helps define the way a man sees himself and the way others perceive him. SkinX Men's Skin Care Collection is the output of an emphasis on premium beauty products and skin care solutions that can be used in daily routines. The collection includes a 4-product set: SkinX Fresh (astringent and cleanser),SkinX Smooth (shaving gel),SkinX Tight (post-shave lotion), and SkinX Shea Complex (shea butter for skin and hair).

According to the experts, these premium grooming products will prove to be very beneficial for men looking to achieve healthy skin. Incorporating the premium hair care collection in their daily routines will help men solve problems with dry skin, oily skin, blocked pores,and ingrown hair. Regular use of the products and following a daily regimen has proven to help clean pores, tighten skin, and improve the overall health of skin. Skin X has also unveiled a website ( that will provide various grooming and lifestyle tips to men across the globe.

Sherod Holloway, Co-founder and Director of Sales & Marketing, stated, "We are excited to announce the launch of our new range of men's grooming products. The entire line of the Skin X Men's Skin Care Collection is designed to help men maintain healthy skin care regimens and as a result, it helps build positive attitudes about their appearances." Holloway, who is also a Master Barber and a professional in the Haircare Industry for over 20 years, went on to say, "We believe when you combine education and grooming products that work, you have a working formula for maintaining healthy skin. A man with healthy skin is a man with Confidence."

We are dedicated to providing premium skin care products and skin care tips that help men everywhere look world-class.Our regimen promotes skin care in three easy steps that fit into any man's daily grooming routine: Cleanse, Shave and Finish. Here are six easy tips to ensure that you achieve the objective of shaving without causing irritation to the skin.We recommend leveraging these tips along with Skin X Smooth Shaving Gel, which is formulated to cleanse and prepare the skin for the ultimate shave experience.

1. How you prepare the area to be shaved is just as important as the shave itself. Shaving after showering is ideal. The hair is typically thirty percent softer, which makes for an easier shave.

2. Identify hair texture and product sensitivity as variables that must be considered before proceeding.

3. Consider the temperature of the towel(s) being used when preparing the area. Very hot temperatures are not tolerable to all skin types. Steam is more important than heat.

4. Gently massage gel against the grain to place or stand the hair in a position to be shaved.

5. Determine the directional growth pattern and shave with it, not against.

6. Always keep the skin moist while shaving.

7. Use a new blade whenever possible and be sure to sanitize ALL blades, including new ones.

8. Dull or dirty blades can irritate the skin and create more issues like razor bumps, burns, scarring, even keloid.

9. Always employ a gentle gliding motion while shaving. Avoid sawing, scraping, pushing, or sideways movements with the razor to avoid injuring the skin.

10. Warm water should be used when rinsing the blade during shaving. It will help to preserve the life of the blade.

11. Ingrown hairs are often the result of improper hair removal by a razor, tweezers, or trimmer.

12. Excessive close shaving, coupled with pressure from clippers, trimmers or razors can also damage the skin.

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