Skincare Ingredient and Format Trends - US - December 2015


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2015 -- US adults are looking for easy-to-use, functional formats when shopping for skincare products, explaining the popularity of wipes and sheet masks. Brands may also consider a focus on natural ingredients, with charcoal, micellar water, and aloe appealing to consumers. Further success can be achieved by incorporating trends from the Asian skincare market, with unique ingredients beginning to emerge in US product launches.

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Table of Content

Table of Content


What you need to know

Executive Summary

The issues
Adults allocate most spend toward facial skincare
Figure 1: Share of sales in skincare market, by segment, 2014 (est.)
Adults consider impacts of environment and product usage on the appearance of their skin
Figure 2: Factors impacting appearance of skin, any ranking (net*), October 2015
Skincare usage higher among younger women
Figure 3: Use of skincare products, by gender, age, and race, October 2015
The opportunities
Simple, functional packaging appeals to consumers
Figure 4: Interest in skincare packaging features, October 2015
Incorporating Asian trends into products can help brands to stand out
Focus on natural ingredients
Figure 5: Correspondence analysis of natural ingredient benefits, October 2015
What it means

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The Market – What You Need to Know

Most spend allocated toward facial skincare, especially anti-aging
Natural approaches impact market, adults reluctant to try new products
Population of females, Black and Hispanic adults to boost skincare market

Market Breakdown

Adults allocate most spend toward facial skincare
Figure 6: Share of sales in skincare market, by segment, 2014 (est.)

Market Perspective

Adults increasingly stress importance of looking young
Figure 7: Attitudes toward skincare and appearance – Any agree (net^), April 2010 -June 2015
Figure 8: Attitudes toward skincare and appearance – Any agree (net^), by gender and race/Hispanic origin, April 2014-June 2015
Asian skincare trends influence US market
Beauty from within trend extends from vitamins to beverages
In their words
Skincare users reluctant to try new products
In their words
Natural ingredients appealing amid concerns over ingredient safety
In their words

Market Factors

Growth in female population a positive indicator for skincare market
Figure 9: Female population by age, 2010-20
Population growth among multicultural adults could improve skincare sales
Figure 10: US Population by race and Hispanic origin, 2010-20
Aging population may slow market growth
Figure 11: US Population by age, 2010-20
Stabilizing incomes may encourage increased spend on skincare
Figure 12: Median household income, in inflation-adjusted dollars, 2004-14
Spend impacted by race and Hispanic origin
Figure 13: Mean skincare expenditures, by gender and race/Hispanic origin, April 2014-June 2015

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