Skinny Body Care Introduces Skinny Fat, a New Approach to Lose Weight


St.Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2014 -- Skinny Body Care introduces a new and healthy approach to managing and losing weight without the use of ill-advised food suppression and a huge amount of inefficient sweating in the gym: the Skinny Fiber 90-day Challenge. It is a 90-day medication of weight loss pills that encapsulating Skinny Body Care’s signature mixture of ingredients which is essential to the human digestive system in order to persistently function and generally aid clients in the much-desired weight loss.

Despite the poor success rates of dieting, most people who yearn for weight loss are often making a huge mistake in risking their health condition with commercial weight control programs. Even though professionals believe that diet plans can be successful given the clients’ perseverance, it is proven that only one in twenty dieters who are enrolled in weight control programs is said to reach his goal weight.

What is more, half of the number of dieters regained more weight than they have lost within the period of the program. Clearly, the aforementioned information evinces that dieting is unreliable when it comes to weight loss. Further, there have been more and more studies conducted that affirm the negative psychological side effects of dieting. Psychologically, dieters experience anxiety and have a higher potential of feeling depressed. Moreover, dieters only end up in eating more than their normal food intake when they have not been in a diet program yet. Hence, albeit the optimistic notions brought by commercial dieting programs’ marketing strategies, dieting brings the least results to weight loss.

About Skinny Body Care
This has provoked Skinny Body Care to introduce a healthy way of losing weight without the harmful side effects of dieting. Skinny Fiber 90-day Challenge is scientifically formulated with natural dietary ingredients that promote a wholesome way of reducing the client’s food intake. The weight loss pill, Skinny Fiber, contains Glucomannan which is a natural food additive that expands in one’s stomach as an aid in combating overeating without having to control the amount of client’s food intake; thus, eliminating the psychological side effects such as anxiety and depression.

In addition, this wonder ingredient is proven to contain health benefits way more than as a food thickener for it also helps regulating cholesterol levels. Moreover, people with enzyme deficiency are having a difficulty in properly digesting the food that they consume. That’s why Skinny Fiber is jam-packed with enzymes in order to help clients in facilitating proper digestion.


Media Contact: Kristina Riggs
Location: St. Louis, MO