Skinny Cream the Hot New Release in America for Cellulite Treatment

Skinny Cream is an all new revolutionary clinically proven cellulite reduction and skin firming cream that has created quite a buzz in the leading fitness industry for its unique anti-cellulite fat burning properties.


Laurel, ML -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- It is not enough to simply be thin; if unattractive cellulite is still clinging on to the body then it mars the whole look of a person. While many people lose weight fast and get to their optimal weight that is in proportion with their body type, they often fail to tone up and thus they appear to be ‘skinny-fat’. Skinny-fat is someone who has achieved their ideal weight loss goals but has too much body fat and lacks lean muscle. Liquid Supps may have found a solution to assist in removing that stubborn Skinny-Fat in their new hot release Skinny Cream.

Liquid Supps Skinny Cream is a clinically proven cellulite reduction cream which makes the skin firmer after weight loss. Besides making the skin tighter around those stubborn areas, the advanced cream assist in toning every inch fast for a tight sexy butt and assist lean and firm thighs. This is the perfect product to gift oneself and flaunt new sexy firm abs. ‘New Me’ in the ‘New Year’

This bestselling product from Liquid Supps reduces the appearance of cellulite by up to 90% within an approximate period of around 8 weeks and is compatible with all skin types and is backed by clinical studies. Almost everyone who has bought the Liquid Supps Skinny Cream has reviewed it as a 5 star product and has gotten rid of ugly looking cellulite. The powerful ingredients it contains, such as Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Bean Extract, ensure that users get toned and bring back their sexy strong self.

“This is just wonderful. My friends love that my legs are smoother and have been asking how I accomplished this. I am so happy that I get these compliments and I don’t have to go out worrying if I look a hot mess,” says Samantha Paul.

Liquid Supps Skinny Cream can be bought online at Amazon for a price of $30 and has launched this limited offer if people want to save big now on this hot new slim down cream at a big savings price use the promo code NEWYOU50

Using its USA GMP certified laboratory and manufacturing facilities, LiquidSupps has been creating top grade, liquid based weight loss formulas that work while one maintains a healthy active lifestyle. The company works relentlessly on effective health and beauty products to ensure the customer has a positive experience.

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