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Skinova Beauty to Offer Skin Whitening Supplement to Emerging US Market


Makati City, Manila -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2012 -- In many countries, skin whitening products have been in vogue for years. In some Asian and African cultures, paler skin is considered attractive in the same way tanning is considered attractive in Western cultures. With the onset of globalisation and the diversifying populations across the globe, skin whitening products are now beginning to prove popular in the US, and Skinova Beauty are on the leading edge of this trend with their all-natural product, Glow2Thione.

Glow2Thione is not a bleaching agent or aggressive chemical solution to skin whitening as have attracted negative press in the past. Rather, Glow2Thione uses an active ingredient naturally found naturally in the body, a powerful anti-oxidant called Glutathione. The anti-oxidant promotes even skin tone and lightens the skin by inhibiting a darkening enzyme named Tyrosinase. It’s efficacy in this purpose is supported by scientific investigation and the popular has proven popular with individuals, being one of the best-selling skin whitening products on the market.

The new website, Super Whitening Pills, aims to introduce this product to a whole new American market, and has spared no expense, using a dynamic content gallery to introduce the product and a virtual presenter to describe its benefits to new visitors. The site includes before and after images, video testimonials, high quality editorial content, a live chat function to speak directly with a customer service representative through the website, and a quick facts bar to introduce the active ingredient in detail.

A spokesperson for the site explained, “We are committed to changing perceptions about these kinds of beauty products. Aggressive chemicals have caused people to be unnecessarily afraid of using these products, but now with our all-natural antioxidant solutions, we can give people the whiter skin they desire without fear of dangers or side-effects. Glow2Thione has proven popular in international markets so we can expect similar performance in the US when word starts to spread. Our ideas of beauty are such that there will always be a market for these kind of cosmetics, so providing the best quality on the market should be a guarantee of success.”

About Skinova Beauty
Skinova Beauty has been distributing skin whitening products for 8 years, and is one of the most popular providers of skin whitening products. They began in the Philippines but have expanded to a global market with their product Glow2Thione. The product uses only natural ingredients and contains no harmful chemicals or bleaching agents. For more information please visit: