SkinPick Online Dermatillomania Center Offers New 8 Week Therapy Course for Sufferers

SkinPick has created and launched an online therapy course to help people manage dermatillomania based on cognitive behavioral therapy in the latest addition to their resources.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2014 -- Dermatillomania is also known as excoriation (skin picking) disorder, and affects millions of people around the globe. The condition relates to any compulsive behaviors in which skin is picked, scratched or otherwise abused by the person themselves, who is unable to stop despite knowing rationally it is bad for them. SkinPick is an online dermatillomania resource center that is stepping up its attempts to help sufferers control such compulsions by creating a new eight week online dermatillomania therapy course that helps users bring their skin picking behavior under control.

The new program adds to the online resource center’s already comprehensive range of resources, including live counseling sessions for sufferers who need to talk about their condition sooner rather than later. The website also offers information, statistics, and an e-book about the disorder so that sufferers and those who know them can better understand the disorder.

The new course is an eight week therapy package that aims to bring skin picking under control in a way that empowers the sufferer to make permanent changes to their lives.

A spokesperson for SkinPick explained, “Dermatillomania can have serious consequences for sufferers, and we aim to do all we can to help them manage their compulsions and bring the behavior under control, so that they can dedicate their energies to more productive and less harmful pursuits. The new eight week program is based on cognitive behavioral therapy and helps people to gain awareness, take control and change their perception of their disorder in a process of regular review and the formation of new habits to intercede old behavior patterns. We are greatly excited about the potential of this program.”

About SkinPick is an Online Dermatillomania Center, and the #1 resource online for everything that has to do with dermatillomania, a skin picking disorder that can take over and ruin lives. They offer free resources such as information about the disorder, a directory of therapists that work with dermatillomania patients and a support forum. In addition they offer two online treatment options: an 8 week computerized therapy program based on cognitive behavioral therapy, and online live counseling with a personal therapist. Dedicated to raising awareness about the disorder and offering help to its sufferers since 2007. For more information please visit: