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Skintastic Laser Skin Center Announces Tattoo Removal Now Available in Spa Setting announces the launch of rejuvenation treatments, dermatological and health wellness services for clients in relaxed spa environment.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2014 -- People who once enjoyed the art of the body tattoo often find that they later wish to have these removed. “The newest versions of the gold standard in tattoo removal is changing very quickly in both dermatology and cosmetic medicine. This is due to the many advances that have occurred in the use of laser technology to treat patients” writes Dr. Ilya Petrou M.D.

Dr. Petrou reports for the online journal “” that, “The recovery time following the laser removal of an original tattoo largely depends on the colors of the inks that were used by the original tattoo artist. It is also highly dependent on the depth of those inks, as well as the color and overall texture of the patient's skin.”

In his article, Dr. Petrou adds, “Black colored ink and darker colored hues can now be cleared from the skin via the use of faster lasers and physicians who are skilled in their usage. This is of considerable benefit for both the patient who is covered in body tattoos and the attending physician performing their tattoo laser removal.”

To meet the needs of these patients, the Skintastic Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Skin Care was founded. “Tattoo removal Dallas residents can trust is available at our centers in both Dallas and Plano, Texas” explains company spokesperson Kari Mitchell. Ms. Mitchell goes on to explain their centers' philosophy, “Our entire staff makes a point of making each patient relax and feel totally at ease with their treatment during tattoo removal or any of the other procedures that we offer.”

Kari Mitchell attributes this to their founder, “This is largely due to the fact that we are run by Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass and that we are not a national chain. Our centers are run by a physician and provide such laser treatments as body sculpting and facial rejuvenation.” She adds, “Each of our cosmetic surgery dallas area offices are staffed by licensed medical professionals, and this makes us unique. While we stress the safety of these dermatological treatments, our patients receive the pampering usually reserved for a luxurious salon.”

Kari Mitchell invites anyone seeking younger looking skin or a take-home regimen of skin care products to schedule a consultation with their staff. Kari describes how each patient is seen as an individual, “When seeking facial fillers like Botox Dallas patients can be sure that they will receive skin care personalized especially for their needs. Our licensed aestheticians will only suggest what is most beneficial for you and the corrections you wish to make for yourself. These treatments can be laser-assisted, surgical or non-surgical. What pleases us most is when our patients leave our offices feeling healthier, happier and more refreshed.”

About Skintastic Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Skin Care
The Dallas and Plano centers of Skintastic Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Skin Care are run by Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass to provide state-of-the-art dermatological treatments to all of his patients. As his Director of Aesthetics, he is joined by Barbara Adelglass, L.E. Together they work towards their mission of performing the finest of dermatology and cosmetic aesthetics in such specialties as laser-assisted tattoo removal, facial rejuvenation and a variety of overall skin treatments.

The doctor and his staff utilize the most up-to-date surgical treatments, as well as such techniques as facial fillers and advanced pharmaceutical-grade skin care products. In addition these centers work with patients towards their personal goals of weight-loss, so that they may achieve a state of complete health and wellness.