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S.K.J Industries Differentiates Oilcloth and PVC Tablecloth, Clears the Confusion Between the Two

Every home probably has a tablecloth, and homeowners are probably mistaken or confused whether they have a PVC tablecloth or an oilcloth. It’s not like homeowners will actually go in depth and scrutinize the material used for their tablecloth but given the fact that consumers need to know what they are paying for, S.K.J Industries’ differentiation and clarification may come in handy.


Wang Thonglang, Bangkok -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2014 -- Using today’s main and most accessible source of information, the internet - one may still find it hard to know the distinction between the two for the terms Oilcloth and PVC can be used interchangeably. Even using the terms like PVC coated table cloths, wipeable tablecloth, easy clean tablecloth and wipe clean tablecloth, search engines may give the exact same result. Leading searchers and consumers to think that oilcloth and PVC table cloth are the same thing when in fact they are not.

S.K.J industries easily pointed out what the root of confusion is; both products’ raw material is Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). S.K.J Industries emphasized that oilcloth in general are more expensive than PVC tablecloth. Oilcloth rose to prominence in the USA during the 18th century and are mainly used as floor, roof and window covers. Oil cloths are also used to produce tents and the fisherman’s coat and hat. For Oilcloth to have that waterproof property, linseed oil and paint pigment are applied to a cotton fabric. Over the years the production has evolved, oilcloth is now made by applying PVC resin over a cotton fabric.

PVC tablecloth on the other hand has become popular as a substitute to oilcloth and with some eye-catching designs and prints PVC tablecloth has also become oilcloth’s top competitor. Just like oilcloth, PVC tablecloth is resistant to liquids and comes in various colors, designs and prints. PVC tablecloths can be used on practically everything that oilcloth is being used; its advantage over the latter is that it’s lightweight, less expensive and is far more versatile.

S.K.J Industries’ PVC tablecloths is a perfect combination of price and quality and with over a hundred designs and prints that feature a vast selection of subjects S.K.J industries is able to provide what the clients are looking for and the market’s demand. Their PVC tablecloths are available in readymade table covers that come in different finishings, sizes and packaging. If one wish to come up with his own table cover, their PVC cloth is can also be availed in meterware. S.K.J Industries only offers top of the line products their unlike any other PVC tablecloth, theirs has existing protective film topping the printed surface, making it fully resistant to the use of aggressive cleansers.

About S.K.J Industries
S.K.J Industries Company Limited is a Thailand based PVC Manufacturing company tied with Canadian and Thai shareholders who have been in the PVC industry for the last 30 years. Because of the long term experience they have in the PVC Manufacturing industry, they are able to supply PVC materials across the globe. S.K.J Industries Company Limited Houses 7 calendars with a production capacity of 3,000 Metric Tons a month.