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S.K.J. Industries Explains the Benefits of Choosing PVC Flooring over Natural Flooring

There are natural and synthetic options available in the market- wooden, marble and PVC. PVC Flooring, unlike wooden floors and marbles, has sleek and modern designs to match each space’s interiors.


Wangthonglang, Bangkok -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2014 -- Here is the scenario, one bought a new home, acquired a new office space or just owned a dream niche in a high-end village. What's next? Plan for the interiors and choose the best floor design which suits the taste and space, right?

Once one has already decided on which floor design to get, it is still smart to do a little research and consider a few important facts and considerations about the flooring. There are natural and synthetic options available in the market- wooden, marble and PVC. PVC Flooring, unlike wooden floors and marbles, has sleek and modern designs to match each space’s interiors. It is a type of synthetic flooring which has become popular because it boasts of being cost-effective, having good quality and great durability. Here are some of the reasons why PVC Flooring is the best way to go:

1 – Design: Since PVC are made of synthetic plastics and are being manufactured by machines, one would not stick to just having a single colour or design for the tile unlike the limited colours for wooden flooring and marbles which are only brown, black and white. There is also have a vast selections to choose from which will suit the design of the chosen space. The end result is an eye-catching, well-designed, smooth and shiny surface.

2 – Protection and Hygiene: The smooth, tough and upper layer of PVC prevents mites, dusts and bacteria from building up thus it also prevents microbes and viruses to infiltrate the material. This is beneficial for home-owners who have a keen eye for viruses as well as for hospital floors which carries millions of bacteria every day.

3 – Low Maintenance: Since PVC Flooring are usually smooth, maintenance only requires regular vacuum and polishing. It is also said to have a strong resistance to certain chemicals such as mild and diluted acids, soaps, detergents and petrol. Proper care and handling of PVC Flooring can avoid constant changing and results to less cost.

4 – Durability: PVC Flooring is made of synthetic plastic called polyvinyl chloride. It is water-resistant and has customizable features compared to natural flooring materials. A well-maintained PVC Flooring can typically last for 20 years or so of intensive use. It also resists degradation and wear and tear caused by Ultra-Violet Radiation.

After one is convinced in getting PVC for the flooring, also consider a few things when choosing the best PVC Flooring.

1 – Thickness: It is not the thickness of the entire flooring that really matters but the thickness of the upper layer since it is the part which will get most of the bumps and bruises of wear and tear of the traffic inside the home or office. Consider this when talking to a retailer before buying one.

2 – Quality: Pick the right flooring for the space. Make time to have the retailer review the manufacturer’s warranty and performance characteristics of the flooring one is interested in buying. A good warranty is always a good choice and causes less worry.

3 – Cost: Of course, there is always a consideration when it comes to budgeting. The price of a PVC Flooring is normally tagged as “cost per square foot.’ Have the retailer calculate the cost and see if it comes at par with the budget.

After all these pointers, do not forget to keep it clean. Proper maintenance always makes the floor last for decades.

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