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SKU Velocity by Pcdata USA Addressed with Distribution with Hybrid Pick to Light Solution

SKU Velocity by Pcdata USA Addressed with Distribution with Hybrid Pick to Light Solution


East Granby, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2013 -- Pcdata USA offers unique solutions for distribution centers facing rapid SKU velocity. The hybrid Pick-To-Light is based on SKU velocity. When SKU is properly analyzed Pcdata USA’s Pick-To-Light (PTL) is a tool that is often overlooked in the search for warehouse technology and can be over 30% more effective than rival order pick methods. In high density unit picking environments for example, PTL is by far the most efficient picking solution available, eliminating walking time and producing the most intensive picking environment possible. In a standard warehouse environment it is typical that 20% of the products represent 80% of the revenues, work and costs. In such a typical 80/20 environment companies can achieve 80% of savings by investing only 20% of the total costs.

An important factor in the slotting analysis is the SKU or product velocity. According to Paul Hansen and Kevin Gibson from Supply & Chain Executive, some points to keep in mind when considering the velocity of a SKU are:

- Determine fast, medium and slow movers and place them in the appropriate storage medium (i.e. pallet flow, carton flow, shelving, etc.)
- Examine both average and peak-picking days
- Store high-velocity SKUs in a readily accessible and ergonomically friendly area for ease of both picking and replenishment
- Establish whether individual SKU velocities are affected by seasonality or special promotions

Pcdata USA (http://www.pcdatausa.com/pick-to-light-solutions) is a global logistics systems leader for supply chain automation. With more than six hundred systems successfully installed in more than thirty countries worldwide, Pcdata USA offers affordable both out-of-the-box and customized warehouse optimization and tracking solutions, specializing in light picking solutions.

These one-stop shop solutions optimize warehouse productivity and order picking accuracy. Pcdata USA Logistics Automation solutions provide material handling executives the power to accurately and efficiently manage the order fulfillment and distribution process.

Pcdata USA solutions are developed for producers and distributors of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), including manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, and 3PLs. The agility and flexibility of these solutions allow customers to adjust to fluctuating product demand and availability patterns with short notice. All solutions can be easily linked directly to any type of ERP, WMS or Business Management System.

Pcdata USA is committed to increasing client productivity, while maintaining competitive cost structures. Modular build-up of hardware and software, ensure high return on investments are quickly attained. Pcdata USA solutions allows for substantially improved supply reliability and quality of information flow. Follow Pcdata USA on Twitter @PcdataUSA.

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