Skull Guardian Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo to Introduce Hat Helmet

Hat Helmet is an easy to use protective headgear with integrated video, audio and picture capture technology. The product’s manufacturer, the Skull Guardian is looking to raise $15,000 via Indiegogo for the completion of this project.


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/30/2015 -- Travis Hatfield believes that there is an opportunity in the Huntington Beach area in California to run a business dedicated to protecting people's skulls from different serious injuries resulting from work and different sports. With this belief, he plans to start his company named Skull Guardian. This company will offer high-quality protective hats and helmets with advanced features such as integrated video, audio, and picture capture technology.

The first generation of Skull Guardian headgear will be one of the core products from Skull Guardian, and it will feature a 1080p HD Video Camera with audio capture capabilities that will enable users to review all of the action firsthand while enhancing the safety and integrity of their skulls. This product will be available in a large variety of sizes, and the product's overall package will comprise of a carrying case, USB Cable, adapter, instructions and an upgradable 8 GB mini SD card. Though it will look like any other ordinary headgear, this product will be capable of clicking 12 Megapixel still pictures and recording up to eight hours of high-resolution color video.

Skull Guardian has already created a detailed business plan for the future of the company. Talking about the company's sales strategy, Travis Hatfield states, "Skull Guardian is currently focusing its sales strategy on the implementation of marketing programs, which include online Internet exposure through search engine optimization, extensive mailings, industry contacts, and by word of mouth."

Travis has recently started an Indiegogo campaign to raise $15,000 for this project. Funds raised from this campaign will pay for the lease of premises, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and miscellaneous operating expenses.

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About Skull Guardian
Skull Guardian is an upcoming company that will strive to excel in the manufacture and distribution of protective hats and helmets with integrated video, audio and picture capture technology with the capability to conduct direct sales to consumers online and through retail stores.

Skull Guardian will be different and special because they will offer several lines of easy to use protective headgear featuring pocket sized/mountable video cameras integrated with high definition video, camera, audio and eventually blue tooth technology to adrenaline junkies, professional athletes and amateur sports enthusiasts by providing the highest quality product at the lowest possible price.