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Sky Little App Developer Launches 3 Versions of Buddha Chant Apps for Android


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2014 -- Sky Little is an app developing company that has a tradition of creating apps that entertain and also add value to the lives of their users, their latest additions the Buddha Chant, Buddha Light and Buddhism Chant (kids) carries the same essence of the ideology Sky Little is centered around. All three apps emphasize the importance of Buddha’s teachings. Chants in Buddhism hold a very important position, chanting serve dual purposes in this belief system. Firstly, chanting is a way of worshipping God and secondly chanting assists in the spiritual enlightenment of the believers. The Sky little Buddha Chant app offers:

Sutras and Mantras;
Live Buddhism TV Streaming;
Life of the Buddha book;
Helpful News Updates; and
Connect and keep up with Buddhist friends.

Sky little has especially designed these particular set of apps to help relax and increase mindfulness. The Buddhism Chant (kids) app conveys the same peace and compassion filled message of Buddha to kids in a manner that is humbler for kids to appreciate, the pictures and chants used in the app have been especially selected for kids. The developers Sky Little describe the app as:

“This is a great source of spiritual joy to listen and watch the exposition of the Dharma. May the merit and virtue accrued from this work; adorn the Buddha’s Pure Lands; Repaying the kindness of the Buddha, the Dharma, the Sangha and our Parents, and aiding those suffering in the three paths below”

Veronica Ruggiero, a downloaded the Buddhism Chant (kids) app especially for her little sister, in her review on Google Play she writes:

”So cute! I have the Buddhist Chant app for myself, and wanted to download one for my little sister. She's been getting into some of the chants, but isn't so intrigued by the ones I listen to. This kid’s edition has been wonderful. She loves the graphics, and has so much fun using it. She considers this to be "her" own personal app now, lol. Highly recommend!”

It is advice that people who are interested in chanting listen carefully to a chant before attempting to chant it, chanting in unison with the audios provided in the apps can assist users in improving their chanting.

The Chant audios available within the Buddha Chant ??, Buddha Light ?? apps are also suitable for people who practice Meditation, Zen or Yoga as meditation music and relax music. Many people believe that the incorporation of relaxation music maximizes the healing benefits of meditation, Zen or yoga. In today’s age of the Smartphones and tablet computers have become our companions throughout the day. Nowadays a smartphone or tablet pc is all one needs to connect to friends, take pictures n upload them, listen to music, play games, manage their health and fitness and even use apps for spiritual enlightenment. The Buddha Chant ??, Buddha Light ?? and Buddhism Chant (kids) apps have received numerous five stars ratings on Google play and also multiple positive reviews from users. Rijula Mukherjee, user of the Buddha Chant?? app believes this app is for everyone; she awarded the app 5 stars and says:

“Comprehensive features I'm amazed at how thoughtfully this app has been made; everything you need whether you are unfamiliar or well-versed with the spiritual teachings can be found here. The listening experience is flawless.”

All three apps are available on Google Play for Android phones for free to download.

1) Buddha Chant ??:

2) Buddha Light ??:

3) Buddhism Chant (kids):

About Sky Little
Sky Little is a team of avid mobile app developers, with interest to share the cutest gifts. They are currently based in Singapore.

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