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SKYDAN Equity Partners Does Not Require a Credit Score Check to Qualify for Their Sale & Lease Back Program — Here's Why


Western Springs, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/06/2019 -- SKYDAN Equity Partners distinguishes itself from banks and other lenders with a unique sale and leaseback program that allows families to unlock funds from their home's equity. But, the progressive program is not the only thing that separates SKYDAN Equity Partners from other entities that provide means for bankruptcy avoidance in Chicagoland, IL — it's also the nonrestrictive requirements for that program. SKYDAN Equity Partners does not care about credit scores, as it's simply not a part of their business model.

Credit scores do not matter to SKYDAN Equity Partners because they understand that many people seek financial help specifically because they are having money issues. The only requirement individuals and families must fulfill in order to be approved for their sale and leaseback program is home equity. In fact, just about anyone with equity in their home can get approved for SKYDAN Equity Partners' program.

For families seeking avoidance of liens in Chicagoland, IL, SKYDAN Equity Partners' services can be a much-needed relief. If their credit score does not meet the standards of banks and other lenders, they can unlock their home's equity with the help of SKYDAN Equity Partners, without ever being asked about their credit score. The sale and leaseback program is also ideal for homeowners who need funds for home renovations, or anyone else who wants to pay a large bill by tapping into their home's equity.

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About SKYDAN Equity Partners LLC:
SKYDAN Equity Partners is an Illinois-based real estate investment firm that partners with Chicago-area homeowners. They work to help folks lift themselves out of financial turmoil by allowing them to tap into their home equity and obtain the capital they need to pay off debt. Skydan Equity Partners LLC's home equity programs let homeowners stay in their homes without making payments for up to two years.

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