Joe Bragg Launches Discounts on All Sky Lanterns for Limited Time

Chinese paper lanterns have been the subject of positive news stories of late, and Sky Lantern Shop have added another good news story by discounting their whole range and offering free shipping.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2013 -- Chinese paper lanterns have become hugely popular around the world after the internet spread images of their use in traditional festivals. Since then they have been used at birthdays instead of candles, New Year instead of fireworks, and for all manner of celebrations from huge scale corporate events to intimate couples’ anniversaries. has been getting a lot of attention lately as one of the leading providers of these lanterns, and in response to this increase in media coverage has discounted their whole stock in order to keep customers happy.

The online store offers free shipping worldwide and sells sky lanterns in packs of eight to fifty, in a large variety of different styles and colors. The lanterns include red heart shaped lanterns, colored cylindrical lanterns, and normal and extra-large sized premium lanterns. All of these come in mixed colors or a color of the customer’s choice.

The online cataloge makes it easy to buy sky lanterns and every item is featured with high quality product imagery for shoppers to know exactly what they’ll get, as well as a detailed product description indicating materials used, size, quantity and more. The shop offers clear pricing, across-the-board discounts and easy payment options for a hassle free shopping experience.

A spokesperson for explained, “Chinese paper lanterns have become immensely popular because of their beauty and we are proud to have played our part in spreading the sky lantern message. These lanterns are utterly beautiful, especially when set off in large groups, and are made with completely biodegradable materials to ensure no cleanup is necessary, unlike fireworks. So they offer beauty and provide a better environmental solution for large celebrations. As a leading supplier of these lanterns we decided to do something radical and discount our entire range. We are not sure how long we will keep the prices this low so we would advise customers to buy in bulk while they can.”

About Sky Lantern Shop
Sky Lantern Shop provides Chinese paper lanterns in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes for celebrations of all kinds. Chinese flying lanterns from Sky Lantern Shop are eco-friendly and made of biodegradable materials and are a safe, cheap way of creating a spectacular visual feast without the danger or carbon emissions of fireworks. For more information, please visit: