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Slammer Search, an Online Search Engine, Helps Reunite Loved Ones with Inmates


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2014 -- Those who have lost touch with loved ones who are incarcerated and want to find out where they are for purposes of establishing contact with them again will definitely want to start looking into some of the different websites that allow people to do this. Websites like Slammer Search allow individuals to  find an inmate  anywhere in the country, no matter where they are.

Some of the different reasons for using these online search engines include:

- It is an extremely easy and efficient way to search for anyone in the country who is being housed in a state prison, federal prison, or city/county jail. These websites list all of the prisons and jails across the country with detailed information, including their addresses and phone numbers.

- These search engines and databases of names are extremely reliable and provide accurate information on where inmates are being housed. The databases that these websites use are extensive and there is therefore a good chance of finding an individual person among the millions that are incarcerated all across the country.

- Websites that allow people to search for loved ones in prison can offer a great way to get back in touch with them by finding out exactly where they are so they can visit them.

Slammer Search  is one of the best websites on the internet when it comes to finding where an inmate is no matter where they are incarcerated. Whether the person that is being searched for is in a federal prison or a county jail, this website can help with finding them within a matter of minutes. The resources that are available on this website are extensive, allowing the average person to find a loved one who is in jail or prison without much effort at all.

Anyone who wants to find an inmate somewhere in the country will simply have to perform a search which includes the city and zip code of the facility where they are being housed. There are thousands of these facilities and going online to use Slammer Search is definitely one of the better ways to go about finding a loved one who is in prison or jail. Those who wish to get back in touch with someone who has been incarcerated will want to go online to start using these resources to their advantage as soon as possible.

About Slammer Search
Slammer Search is a complete prison and jail search system to locate prisoners and inmates. Slammer Search has access to entire federal, state and city/county jails. Use the free search tool to locate a family member or friend with one simple search. It’s easier than ever to locate a person in the U.S. prison system.